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      Hello, I am making a new armor mod for dragon block c, now I have a little problem, I want to make my armor model fit the DBC player model, but keeping the extra armor cubes, here I leave an image of the model.

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      Here I leave the link to curseforge to download the mod.

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      Fan of minecraft.
      I don’t think any other game can beat this one. And then I found and installed a cool mod/ that made the game just incredible! I advise everyone!!!

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      if you haven’t already, can you please make a vegeta outfit from dragon ball z, that is if you take recommendations, if not then that is fine and good luck with the mod

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      finally some good mod for dbc 🙂
      it crashes server tho, please try to fix it

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      The mod has been updated with more outfits and more vanities.

      Supreme Kai of time armor fixed.
      Supreme kai of time item icon recolor.
      4 makeups were added, 2 from ssj4 and 2 from baby.
      Puar was added as a vanity (no animation, WIP).
      More Scouters New added.
      Added 3 new masks.
      Added 12 new costumes.
      Added 23 new outfits.
      Added 2 new mask.
      Shu Katana Vanity added.
      added 32 new outfits.
      Added de Brave Sword.
      add the Brave sword through your chest as a vanity. (like the Black Goku scene in the manga).
      Now the mod finally works on the server :v

      Give me more ideas to add things, the limit is your imagination.

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      Hey! I love the armors and everything that’s added in!
      But the armors give a LOT of defense, and idk if that should be the case and I do not know how to change that if that’s even possible. They’re not available in normal ways but i’m hosting a server for my friends and I, and I was thinking to make them buyable with npcs or add craft recipes but I can’t use them because they’re way too op with the defense they give, like I take almost no damage.
      Would be cool if you nerf the defense :\

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        Yeap, the next update, i fixed that, the armors give 2 points more armor than the diamond armor.

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