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      Hey everyone! This is one of the most well developed Naruto role plays out there.
      there are now clan specific bonuses :
      Aburame Clan: +5 control
      Akimichi Clan: +5 strengh
      Hatake Clan +5 ken-jutsu
      Hōki Family: +5 endurance
      Hyūga Clan: +5 control
      Inuzuka Clan +5 strengh
      Kohaku Clan +5 control
      Kurama Clan +7 control – 2 stamina
      Lee Clan +8 strengh -3 control
      Nara Clan: +5 control
      Sarutobi Clan +5 control
      Senju Clan +5 endurance
      Shimura Clan +5 control
      Uchiha Clan +5 genjutso
      Uzumaki Clan +2 control 3 sealing
      Yamanaka Clan +5 stamina
      Tenma Izumo’s +5 speed
      Pakura clan +5 stamina
      Iwahitobito Clan +5 Endurance

      This is for a custom village

      Village Name:
      Village Location (You can name the unnamed Lands yourself, do reference the correct unnamed Land by canon so we know which one):
      Title of Village Leader:
      Preferred Role Color (Hexacode format please):
      Clans living there:
      Village History (6 Paragraphs required):
      Relationships with Other Nations:
      Village Image:
      Village Headband:

      This is for making a custom clan
      (Be sure to fill out the Kekkei Genkai as a Custom Jutsu)
      Clan Name :
      Clan Symbol :
      Clan Location:
      Preferred Server Role Color (In Hexcode Format) :
      Hidden Jutsu or Kekkei Genkai :
      Common Features (Hair color, eye color, clothing style, something like that) :
      Clan History (Must fill out if you want to assign a Kekkei Genkai to it, 1-2 paragraphs):
      Give what it has a bonus in

      This is for if you have a custom kekkei genkai
      Name of Kekkei Genkai:
      Stat Mods:
      Picture of your kekkei genkai:

      Name : (your characters name)
      Age : (your characters age)
      Ethnicity :
      D.O.B : (This doesn’t need to be filled out. You could link it to an event.)
      Height : (How tall you are)
      Weight : (How much you weigh)
      Relatives : (Who is your character related to)
      Relationships : (Friends, girlfriends etc)
      Hobbies : (What does you character do for fun)
      Dislikes : (What does your character hate)
      Goal : (What is your characters current goal. Note this can change)
      Village : (What village does your character belong to.)
      Clan: (Your clan. this will determin what blood line perks you get)
      Element: (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Yin, Yang, etc)
      Kekkei Genkai : (Sharingan ice release etc)
      Rank: (Genin, Jonin, Chuunin, etc. This helps you find out how any points you ave for your stats)
      Appearance : (What does your character look like. Feel free to use this to show us what your character looks like)
      Agility: X/100 (This is used for dodging and throwing objects)
      Speed: X/100 (This determines how fast your character can act)
      Strength: X/100 (How strong is your character? This determines how much damage a punch does)
      Control: X/100 (Your points in this x10 is your chakra pool and your use of a jutsu)
      Stamina: X/100 (Your points in this x5 is your Health)
      Endurance: X/100 (Tanking damage. You gain damage reduction)
      Ken-Jutsu: X/100 (Sword fighting. IF your character uses a sword instead of hitting use this. Note you can use both)
      Gen-Jutsu: X/100 (Jutsus that effect someone else’s mind)
      Summoning: X/100 (This determines how much hp your summons have. It also determines the damage and size of it)
      Sealing: X/100 (Sealing jutsu. For example sealing a tailed beast or sealing other things)
      Jutsu-Knowledge: X/100 (How much you know about jutsus)
      Chakra- Knowledge: X/100 (How much about the different chakra natures you know)
      Sage: X/100 (How good are you when it comes to sage energy)
      Medical-Knowledge: X/100 (How much do you know about medical ninjutsu)
      Kin-Jutsu: X/100 (Forbidden jutsus. This is used for making forbidden jutsus)
      Kekkei Genkai Mastery: X/100 (How much of your kekkei genkai have you mastered?)
      Backstory: (This is dependent on your clan
      Genin- 100 Points
      Chuunin-150 Points
      Jounin- 200 Points
      This is the format for your character.

      Any other information you need will be on . Note you wont be able to join in until you’ve submitted your character.

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      • This topic was modified 5 years, 4 months ago by JamesCfer.
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      Also post your discord tag

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      Please note that i’m not the owner. I’m merely expanding the places that you can apply for it.

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