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      carlos Mex DB

      I have been thinking and talking with my friend about what would be the best thing to add in the next update content of NarutoC,
      she and I agree that the summons would be better for multiple reasons that I am not going to mention because I know that this post will be very long as it already is.

      The summons have 4 things that balance them:
      Summon Cost, Time Limit, Cooldown Timer and Summon Slots.
      1;the cost of chakra is equal to the cost of the used jutsu plus the cost of the respective summon.
      2;each summon has a time limit of how long it can be summoned, if its health or its time limit reaches 0 it is unsummoned.
      3;each summon has a cooldown timer so they can’t be re-summoned immediately after being unsummoned.
      4:the player has a limit of slots in which they put their summons, they can increase the amount of slots by leveling up the skill.

      Each summon will be divided into groups and you need the skill of the respective group to be able to summon them and some are mutual exclusive although the latter applies only to groups that would teach you sage mode in the future, 2 examples:
      player need the skill “Summoning:Toad” to be able to summon Toad and it is exclusive with “Summoning:Snake” because sage mode.

      player need the skill “Summoning:Snake” to be able to summon Snake and it is exclusive with “Summoning:Toad” because sage mode.

      If you have one of these Summoning skills and more than two summons you unlock in the action menu the ability to select one of the multiple summons in the same way you select your DBC transformations,
      the way it is displayed is like this “summon:(the name of the summon) (the cost of the respective summon)”
      the summoning jutsu will summon the one that is currently selected.

      though the player can create a version of the jutsu that can summon one or multiple summons independent of the one currently selected.
      Ideally players should be able to create their own summons, changing the appearance of the jutsus they start with. ect.
      And considering that players can get more powerful, it makes sense that they can make their summons stronger as well.

      You can increase their health, their melee damage, their jutsu damage, teach them new jutsus and skills or make the ones they already have stronger.

      in exchange for increasing their chakra cost (although I don’t know if it should scale with how strong it is directly? or with the difference between them and the player? maybe a mix of the two would work.)

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