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      carlos Mex DB

      I don’t know if this already exists in the mod so I apologize if that is the case.

      in the series each of the 5 chakra natures has advantage and disadvantage against other chakra natures.
      fire has advantage against wind and disadvantage against water
      wind has advantage against thunder and disadvantage against fire
      thunder has advantage against ground and disadvantage against wind
      earth has advantage against water and disadvantage against thunder
      water has advantage against fire and disadvantage against earth

      If two elemental jutsus collide and one has an advantage over the other, this is what can happen:
      if the fire jutsu has the same damage as the water jutsu, the water jutsu wins due to the advantage.
      If the fire jutsu has more damage than the water jutsu, it’s a draw due to the advantage.
      If the fire jutsu has much more damage than the water jutsu, the fire jutsu wins even with the advantage of the water jutsu.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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