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      carlos Mex DB

      *ideally when the mod is a bit more complete the susanoo skill would be a clan skill that would be hidden in uchiha`s skill menu until you meet the requirements, which are to unlock the mangekyou sharingan and get your two mangekyou powers.
      *if the skill is at least level 1 the option to change the color of the susanoo appears (there would be 3 colors for itachi’s susanoo)
      *susanoo has its own health which we will call “integrity”, the user should be able to see the health of his susanoo.
      *while active the susanoo takes damage instead of its user reducing its integrity by the attack damage.
      *for obvious reasons attacks that damage the susanoo do not damage the user although there are exceptions, example:
      genjutsu can only harm the user.
      * susanoo protection disappears if the integrity reaches 0
      *You can spend more chakra to restore integrity.
      * The susanoo has two passive and active chakra costs, the active one is when activating it, the passive one is while it is active.
      *the active cost of the susanoo can be recovered, the percentage you recover is the same as the percentage of integrity (example if the active cost is 200 and the integrity is 50% you recover 100 chakra)

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