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      carlos Mex DB

      I have not seen naruto or played naruto c but I have a friend who has seen naruto and played naruto c and with whom I talk a lot while I play and we thought about several things we thought would improve naruto c.

      Independent sharingan: each sharingan should be able to be upgraded and have the ability to choose whether to activate only one or both of the sharingan.

      Sharingan transplantation: this is why I want you to be able to activate only one or both, because what happens if one of your eyes is removed, for obvious reasons the sharingan in a non-uchiha has some disadvantage.

      1-2-3 tomoes sharingan: each improvement should be better doujutsu example (left sharingan skill 1 = 1 tomoe, left sharingan skill 2 = 2 tomoe, left sharingan skill 3 = 3tomoe, left sharingan skill 4 = mangekyou)

      sharingan multiplier: because you can have different sharingan combinations, each combination should have its own multiplier

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      carlos Mex DB

      this is related to my other post, here is the link:click me
      Integrity eye: basically a durability that does not destroy the item, which you can use so that the player can lose their doujutsu for it’s use mangekyou but their eyes can be used by another player to unlock eternal mangekyou.
      mangekyou powers: when you unlock your mangekyou you can select one power per eye (assuming all your eyes have a mangekyou), examples: tsukuyomi, kamui, Amaterasu, ect.
      Mangekyou sharingan: has a higher multiplier than 3 tomoe and consumes more chakra. does not waste integrity of the eye and does not replace the 3 tomoe sharingan.

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