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      What are they good at, are there forms strong and is there a point be them?

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      Cons :
      -Worst melee damage in the mod, which basically means worst race in the mod for now.
      -Only two forms, one being Giant Namek which is, along with Oozaru, still not fixed, so unusable, the second being Full Power and you don’t unlock it ’till Racial Skill lvl 4 I think, and on the top of being shared with Humans its power simply doesn’t compare to other forms (although it’s configurable).
      -Rely on ki blasts but they are desesperately useless in their current state.

      Pros :
      -Highest WIL and second highest CON behind Humans. That means just pick a Human.
      -Everybody will respect you for willingly picking the worst race in the mod.

      I promise, I tried not to be too mean. Or did I ?

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