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      I made this suggestion around 8 months ago for Namekians and just wanted to bump it again while also suggesting my idea for Majin race.

      Namekians should have their Full Power mode replaced with Healing instead where after swapping and charging the move it removes half your Ki and you regen 20-25% of your max HP instantly. They also should be able to stand in water and very slowly fill their hunger or drink from a bottle for 1 hunger. Fusion should be an option by finding a namekian NPC and fusing with them after finishing your racial abilities which will give a permanent stat increase.

      Majin race has a slightly more complex mechanic in mind that involves a bit of League of Legend knowledge. There is a character called Pyke whose ultimate allows them to finish an enemy in 1 hit after they are below a certain HP. Majin’s should have this type of ability where at 5-10% HP they can finish the enemy with a Candy Beam and “consume” them gaining Ki back and transforming, these forms would go away after dropping below a certain HP and returning them to 10% HP.
      Majin forms would go: Baby, Buff, Super, then Skinny or Fat depending on aliment.

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      carlos Mex DB

      sorry for my english.
      I think that Namekian Healing should not be a transformation and instead be an action menu skill, why do you ask? simple, so that namekians can use their other forms and namekian Healing simultaneously.
      here is my idea for namekian healing:
      * action menu: when the namekians open their action menu they will see “namekian healing on / off” at the top right (where the arcosians have descended), if it is off or you have your Health bar full, nothing happens. but if you have it on, your Health is not full and you keep pressing the transformation button, you recover your health in exchange for your max ki temporarily and ki.
      * new status effect: after having used namekian healing you will see a new status effect that is counting down, which does the following: the state lasts x amount and while it is active every x amount of time you recover x amount of your max ki and reduce your power x amount which changes depending on how much time the status effect has left (the amount is determined by the following: the amount of max ki consumed and the server configuration)

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      carlos Mex DB

      of course eating a senzu bean removes the status effect and recovers all the temporarily lost max ki

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      carlos Mex DB

      also, I know that storing water would take up a lot of space in your inventory with bottles but that can be fixed by putting in a new item that can store a lot of water and is cheap to craft.
      As for how to add it, there are two ways to do it, “the canon” and “the semi-canon”
      canon would be to make namek players unable to recover hunger, ki and salut by eating food, they can only recover with senzu beans or water.
      the semi canon would be to leave it as is and simply add the amount of hunger, ki and health that the aqua recovers

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      I still have hopes in the update of the namekian race and the addition of the new Majin Buu race, will it be possible for this year?

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      carlos Mex DB

      I’ve thought of a few improvements to my old reply:

      namekian healing is an ability nameks start with similar to the tail/great ape with the saiyans. but can be used with any transformation similar to arcosians ki storage
      healing appears in action menu is in the upper right corner to be exact, it has two modes off and on
      When it’s on and your health is not at max you can hold G until the bar fills up to consume ki in exchange for health recovery.
      the amount of health you regain and the amount of ki you spend is a percentage of your maximum health and ki.
      When leveling the racial skill, the percentage of health recovered increases and the percentage of ki spent decreases.
      If you want to add instant transformation this could for a higher cost instantly restore health

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