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      BUILD 1.115 (Currently Alpha)

      This is a Public Bug Test Version for the currently latest Mod Build 1.115.

      Status update from the changelog:
      This update took a long time to be released, but that wasn’t mainly due to it actually taking this long to be made. Some of you may already know, but after the last update I’ve decided to take a short break from Modding till the end of January in which I’ve started working on another project that isn’t related to Minecraft.
      After that I started working on mods again for a week, but I’ve gotten sick so that also made the “break” even longer.

      For now the other project is a secret, but I plan to continue working on it in the future. Although working on multiple large projects isn’t something I am currently good at, so this will take a long time until I can publicly showcase what it is about.

      And the next mod update is planned to have some bigger new features added to DBC, and Naruto C, and minor Tweaks for SAO C so there are no plans on when that update will be released.

      I also made a Twitter, we’ll see what uses that will provide in the future. Link: https://twitter.com/NagyBenjamin97



      ► Changelog Alpha 2: http://main.jingames.net/update-bug-fix-mod-update-and-status-update-21w12/#build1115b
      ► Changelog Alpha 1: http://main.jingames.net/update-bug-fix-mod-update-and-status-update-21w12/#build1115a

      ► Download Alpha 2: Build 1.115b
      ► Download Alpha 1: Build 1.115a


      Some Found Bugs (Alpha 2):


      Stay Safe Gamers!

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