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      So recently I decided to play DBC again since i ran out of things todo and wanted to revisit some good memories of the mod, But for some reason my 1.7.10 client decided to have a heart attack and glitch or bug out whenever I Hold any item, Go F5 and it sometimes effects chunks too

      I tried looking for a solution to this and the one solution everyone tells you is
      – Change/Update your drives
      Which i did but no fix but also apparently im not the first to encounter this age old Visual Glitch/Bug as it also persists on Vanilla 1.7.10
      I also tried updating and reinstalling Java or using Jarfix

      Im at a total loss of what todo
      Minecraft 1.7.10 Visual Glitch/Bug

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      Talan Guerrero

      Have you found a fix for this I have the same problem!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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