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      I recently came back to this mod and now I see that there are MIND requirements to upgrade skills now. I think this is a cool idea to make mind relevant, but i think its a bit excessive. To get the fly skill to level two, now you won’t need to only sacrifice TP, but Mind too, which come in expendable points when you upgrade. The thing that urks me is that you need TP to raise your Mind level, but then you need even more TP to raise the level of the skill. I think this is a bit tedious as it makes us sacrifice many many levels just to raise a skill up to level TWO. Especially on how useless your character is at the start of the game.

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      Well you’re not the first to complain, but at least you give true arguments.
      If you’d seen how many people asked mind to be finally useful you’d know it won’t change anytime soon.

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      I agree, although configuring the mind costs to be lower actually helps a ton. The minimum is 5, but still, it’s not too terrible.

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      My real problem with it is that if i set my max attributes to 100000 the mind requirement turns to 1000.
      How am i supposed to get 1000 mind at the start?!
      And if i want to beat beerus, i cant do it with max attributes set to 500!

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      I figured it out you have to set all mind requirements to 0.005 to get them to 5 if you’re at 100000

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      how do i do that

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      help, this new update is asking for 100 minds for a transform, and on the second transform it already asks for 250, and you can only have 500 minds in the status, so you can’t even play

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        Dude, you can go into the configs to change how much mind it asks for…

Viewing 6 reply threads
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