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      I started a server for me and a friend to play together. I set the maximum attribute cap to 100,000 although we’d probably never get that high. Upon doing so, we noticed that, while his form change was unaffected, my ssj1 was well over the multiplier we had set. Around 2.8-2.9 when it was supposed to be 1.5.

      I tested for a while, and eventually figured out that when I lowered the attribute max back to 500, the multiplier would sink to 1.9, and then all the way to 1.5 when I lowered it to 100. The SSJ Grade 2 multiplier is even higher than that, even though it shouldn’t be.

      I play a Half-Saiyan martial artist, and my friend plays Human and the problem doesn’t seem to affect him.

      There are no errors of note in the logs, the forge version used is for MC 1.7.10. We have only the necessary mods installed.

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      No replies, sick, gotta love it

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