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      Alright, so, I don’t know about you guys, but… When I first got the Legendary Super Saiyan thing, I got so super excited! Something THIS cool just made me nearly squeal with excitement. “A Legendary Super Saiyan transformation?! Awesome!” I thought to myself, as I continued to grin ear to ear. However, as soon as I transformed, I realized… LSSJ was just Saiyan, but with a bit more green. That’s no fun, not at all!

      So, my idea was, when you turn LSSJ… Add some other transformations! Maybe make a sub-category of Saiyan that says ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’. Here are my ideas for transformations:

      First off, Wrath Form. This acts as a substitute for SSJ forms, where instead of actually changing things, it merely increases power. However, there’ll be a Rage effect, where your screen shakes, and you have the possibility of missing your punches. Which isn’t fun. However, you’ll have a Wrath Form 1, 2, 3 (and possibly four), which all increases power, but also increases rage.

      Next up, Super Saiyan A-Type. This changes your hair purple, extending it and making it go bigger. It’s essentially a Mastered Super Saiyan, but for LSSJ. This form does the same for a Mastered Super Saiyan, but with that little LSSJ flare. The Rage effect won’t come into play with this one, however, instead having a HIGHER drain rate. It can’t be stacked with Kaioken.

      Next up is Super Saiyan C-Type (Also known as Chou Broly), where it works like the SSJ2 form. This is a more powerful form of Super Saiyan A-Type, where it turns your hair golden and gets you more powerful. HOWEVER, this makes your Rage effect thing pop up once more, this time having… Well, more dire consequences. ANY mob that crosses your crosshair, even if it’s another player, a pig, a sheep, a cow… Even an NPC of some sorts, it will automatically attack it.

      Finally is the best form, the form everyone knows and loves! Legendary Super Saiyan! This form turns your hair green, makes you taller, and most importantly… Makes you STRONGER! Also, it’ll have a special thing as well! All of your Ki blasts will turn green, no matter what. Of course, it’ll have the Rage meter at maximum, as well as having the auto-mob attack… Attack… Also also, it’ll make whatever chest piece you’re wearing break (toggleable: it rather enters your inventory so it won’t be broken). However, Legendary Super Saiyan has something rather scary about it. Every Ki blast and every punch you do, it’ll increase a mini-bar (similar to the Ultra Instinct bar thing), where once it’s full, it’ll release power and blow up things around you. The blast radius around it can be changed, and even the explosion itself can be turned on and off! However, it will hurt mobs, and most importantly… It’ll hurt you.

      (And, if you want, an optional form called True Berserker. It’s Legendary Super Saiyan, but with more rage, more power, a faster/bigger ki explosion, and of course… Any downside you want. Just to throw in that extra little ‘Dragon Block C’ flare.)

      – Legendary Super Saiyan (as a sub-category) can be toggled from either being selectable when you start, being forced to be a special effect (as in the original effect), or… Just being disabled outright
      – The rage meter’s shaking can be toggled
      – Sleeping, eating, crafting, cooking, mining, and interacting with blocks in general with the Rage effect on can be toggled on or off. But, by default, will be set to off.
      – God Ki will be disabled in this form, except for the ‘God Form’, which would be Legendary Super Saiyan, but with more spiky hair and even more power.
      – Finally, i’m not the boss of you, do as you wish with these suggestions. Just be sure to have fun!

      Peace and warmth to you!

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      sounds good

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        Ah. Well… Thank you.

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      you forgot that other races can get the legendary state as well, but unlike saiyans they don’t get any cosmetic changes

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      support was totally thinking of not leaving lssj as an effect but a transformation would be cool of course it’s just my opinion

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      Holy christ, these are some great ideas
      Lets get em implomented

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