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      I’m confused about how the power level part of Ki sense works. If the right side is the enemies and the left side is mine why does the right side go up when I go to charge past it. If it’s the other way around why does the enemy ki go up when I charge?

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      carlos Mex DB

      I’m going to explain how it works, I’m going to use the level 10 version for this explanation.

      I’m going to start with the two center bars:
      the center left bar is simultaneously alignment (cyan = good, purple = neutral, red = evil) and to show the percentage of ki remaining (only works on players).

      the center right bar is the life bar.

      The bar on the outside left represents the difference in power between your opponent at that moment, at level 10 the color represents who is stronger (orange = you are weaker, blue = you are stronger),and how long or short the bar is represents the difference in power

      I don’t know what the outer right bar represents,but i know the number above the bars is the number of life points it has.

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