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      As I said, Can I copy only stats from world to world?

      To say, I was at “World A” with your mod.
      but some problem has happened and I have to change my world.
      so, I wanna bring my stats at “World A” to “New world”.
      I’m not sure how does your mod saves each player’s profile, so I decide to ask.

      if I can, hope you tell me which file should be copyed to share thair stats.

      sorry for being last, I love your mod and glad Dragon Ball has lots of fans as Japanese.

      Thanks, lookin’ forward to your responce 🙂

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      The player data files are located in each World’s playerdata folder.
      Each file is named after the Player’s UUID.

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      thnaks for replying.
      I found the file, but Copy didn’t work….

      I found playerdata file in World-A, and I tried to copy it into World-B.
      but Even I overwrite it, DragonBall Stats in World-B didn’t change.

      Do I still have a problem to do this?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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