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      As I was browsing the internet today, I suddenly came across a video claiming the creator of Dragonblock C passed away.
      At first I tought this was some messed up clickbait title, but as I opened the discord and facebook group it soon became apparent that this was the truth.

      You never really stand still with the idea that someone so young can die untill it happens…

      I never knew Jinn personally (the most I communicated with him were a few comments on the minecraft forums), but I did knew him a little trough his work;
      It takes skill to create mods like the ones he made.
      It takes courage to put those mods out there for others to see and judge.
      It takes willpower to keep you mods updated and to expand them every time, little by little.
      And it takes maturity to develop a community around them that you can be proud of.

      Jinn managed to give joyous experiences to the lives of me, my brother, neighbour, friends and many others. That is not something everyone can say, and something to be proud of.

      If anyone is ever going to continue the mods I would add 1 suggestion:
      Add Jins avatar as an NPC in King Yemma’s Palace in Otherworld. That seems like an appropriate way of immortalizing him in his creation.

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      He was really young and it is sad.

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      I did get to know Jin a few years back. We would talk on skype back in the day. He even had me test out a few versions of the mod. I was one of the first people to try out the original saiyan tail model.

      He was a good person who’s work has touched the lives of tens of thousands. He will always be remembered as the best mod developer in minecraft.

      I agree he should be in other world, but there should be another area added just for him. Heaven.

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      Mari Aquaria

      Unfortunately, according to his brothers, all of these mods are currently on hold… Even if Dragon Block doesn’t get updated with these ideas however, servers can still do what they can to honor Jin’s memory. In a server I play on for instance, there’s a sort of pixel art statue of Jin in the main hub now.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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