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      I think Super Saiyan Rose is one of the cooler forms in the series and I’m glad it was added, but I think this mod can do a few things to balance the saiyan race as a whole.

      Firstly it should return to being a form that can only be accessed by selfishly aligned saiyans. For it to be evil only would be broken since what I’ll recommend next would just be even further complimented by the Majin status and just disrupt things.

      Secondly and most interestingly, I think this form should have some benefit to being combined with Kaioken. After all Rose is a form that can only be accessed by gods, and Kaioken was created by the gods, it just seems like the two would go hand in hand. Maybe it drains less health? Gives a slightly better power boost? Anything really.

      Finally I think it should drain a lot less Ki. This one is pretty obvious, Rose has a much lesser ki drain than blue. Just makes sense.

      That’s about all I can say on the topic of Rose. I don’t know if any of this has already been recommended. I looked and found nothing. Either way it’s just an idea.

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      That’d just be super saiyan blue but significantly better. There’d be no reason to use the other form at that point.

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