Idea for Saiyans to “Master” Super Saiyan forms.

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      Like in the Cell Saga, when Goku and Gohan trained to be able to stay in the Super Saiyan form without it taking a toll on their bodies.

      If you stay in a SSJ form for a certain amount of time your body gets more used to that form, and the energy that it depletes decreases the more used you are to that form, and when you have Completely mastered it, it depletes no energy.

      And i think this is how you should unlock SSJ2 and 3 also. Once you have mastered SSJ1 you can unlock SSJ2, And once you have mastered SSJ2 you can unlock SSJ3 and so on.

      SSJ2 should take twice as long than SSJ1 to master.

      SSJ3 should take 4 times longer than SSJ1 to master.

      SSJ4 (if it is enabled) Should take 5 times longer than SSJ1 to master, since it is the final Super Saiyan form before God Form.

      SSG should take 6 times longer than SSJ1 to master.

      SSGSS Should take 8 times longer than SSJ1 to master.

      SSGSS-Evolved Should take 10 times longer than SSJ1 to master.

      Ultra Instinct (all races) Should take 15 Times longer than SSJ1 to master. (it is the ultimate form after all)

      All of this being configurable of course. Thank you for listening to my idea -GDC

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      That’s how it works for another dbz game I played but I guess ssj3 is something that can’t be masterd as it just take’s way to much to stay in it. When I played a dbz online game you could “master” ssj3 but all it did was you went into the form faster and the dev told poeple to use it as a last resort. And well..yeah it worked well for that game anyway.

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