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      Dick Monday

      I already know this is going to get some backlash from a lot of people, but what everyone needs to understand that even Jin was contemplating doing this because the current version of his mods are on a very dead version. 1.7.10 has officially died, and I know people don’t want to hear it but it has officially died. Currently there aren’t very many mods that are still on this version of minecraft, many have updated to 1.12.2 and thus making a modpack with this mod makes it feel incredibly outdated (to which it is). I think it’s about time to update this to 1.12.2 or 1.16.5 for more reason than this version is incredibly outdated.

      The mod is dying, you can tell by the amount of servers there are. The mod is reaching it’s point where if it doesn’t update then we could be seeing a dead mod. I want this mod to succeed and be everything that it needs to be, I grew up on this mod. With that being said, look at Pams Harvest Craft, look at Mo’Creatures, look at Plenty O’Biomes they have all adapted and updated and are still one of the go to mods for future version of minecraft and they have all updated to 1.12.2 and some even branched off and created 1.16.5 version as well. This mod needs it if we want it to survive and we want it to grow. 1.7.10 is dead and I will hold my reasonings as to why I believe 1.12.2 and 1.16.5 are the ones to update to.

      I’ll start with 1.12.2, it has become the new 1.7.10. All mods that were HUGE on 1.7.10 ended up going to 1.12.2 and it’s still active with new mods added to it, and still has a huge modding community. 1.7.10 not very many are still on it with very few being updated and created on this version. With that being said, there are so many mods that are amazing to can be combined, in addition can even give Ben more to do and probably new stuff he could mess with and add. However, I don’t believe this is the one that should win, but if we want to play it safe and try to keep it to 1.7.10 then this is the one Ben should update it to.

      1.16.5 is my personal pick for the update, since 1.7.10 Minecraft had very slow updates, and I mean VERY slow updates with little things added but that’s why 1.7.10 was the modded version but 1.13 changed everything, although everyone hates the pvp update oceans was different, being able to swim about the ocean was an amazing thing to add. Then 1.14 came and even MORE was added, Villagers were FINALLY updated and are useful which made things a lot better for them and made it a lot better to play with but then 1.16 came out and everyone lost it. The Nether was updated, and to this day I believe it’s the best update that has happened sure we can add mods that does the update but the mods coming out on that version are amazing, and not to mention that if Ben were to swap over the amount of things he could do would make this mod even better than it is today and allow him to do more.

      The only downside I can see if the people that refuse to give up on 1.7.10 being angry, and having to figure out how to put the mod onto the future versions which could take months to do. But I want Jin’s legacy to continue, I want the mod that he has made the BEST dragon ball mod that will ever exist to thrive, and 1.7.10 isn’t going to give it the justice it deserves anymore it’s time that we finally let go of 1.7.10 and finally accept change, accept that this mod needs it if we want it to grow more. I know you guys may not see it but deep down we all know that this is the next step for this mod and I think until he learns how to update it to the future versions he should try and make the current version of the mods stable and then wow us with the update.

      I know that everyone will see and understand where I am coming from eventually. But do not attack me for giving a suggestion, anyways thank you for reading.

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      I agree that at this point it will need to update, although it will definitely take quite a while to do so, especially since most mods past 1.12 had to be somewhat re-written ’cause of terrain generation and general change of basic coding (not really basic). It is still sad to see some of the really good mods not going past 1.7.10, there are SO many that I’ve played with for years that either aren’t continued or refuse to update past because of the work load, I would rather not see this get left behind too.

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      Dick Monday

      Yeah and I know it will definitely be difficult but I want this mod to continue and I want this mod Jin’s legacy to continue, 1.7.10 is dead and the mods are dead, it will take a lot of time for sure but I know it’s the right choice especially bringing it to 1.16.5 which will allow the mod to be found a lot easier since there isn’t a ton and I know for a fact it’ll be the next go to modded version much like how 1.12.2 was said to be the next one as well and look at it now.

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      I have read the forum post, but since I’ve answered these questions a lot of times I stopped repeating myself because it is not a productive way to spend my time, but I’ve decided to gather up a final answer on this matter here in case anyone has the same question in the future.

      Since I am not allowed to provide new information that has not been publicly posted yet I will gather together some of my older answers mainly from our Discord Server.

      1.7.10 has been dead for a long time, we are aware of that, but that alone is not a reason for us to update.
      We do want to and plan to update at some point, but that isn’t guaranteed because it just isn’t as worth it as some might think.

      How long would it take?

      To update the mods we would need learn how to mod in the new version, then we would need to re-design, re-plan, and re-code the whole mod from scratch, because the current version would take just as long to update as re-writing it, and since it is poorly written I will avoid simply updating what we already have.
      Therefore an update could take many months, or even a year to have a decent version released. That is a long time, in which I won’t have any time to work on other things.
      What version would the update be?

      Most likely the latest Forge version at that time, not 1.12.2.
      Since 1.12.2, 1.13, and the versions after that made big changes to Forge and minecraft we would need to re-write the whole mod again and again to update. And by the time I would release a new update 1.12 would also become more and more dead, and it would require another rewrite to update the mods.
      Would it be worth it to update?

      For players, yes. For us, not 100%.
      The Anime mods JinGames made aren’t owned by us completely. We don’t own for example Dragon Ball, which could lead to potential future problems for us which isn’t a problem for players (besides for example not receiving more updates for the mods), but naturally isn’t good for us.
      The Mods don’t provide much financial support for us. If we were to release the mods that wouldn’t change either, mainly because of Mod packs, but I won’t complain about them because that is an essential part of modding.

      And for me as a creator I would like to also work on other projects, not just modding. I continued working on the projects, because I kind of felt like it was a must, but this isn’t what I wanted to work on in the past, and that hasn’t changed since then.
      There are also other creators who also started to work on their Dragon Ball mods, so I doubt that the community would ever vanish without me, they would just move away.

      I would prefer working on my own original projects rather than anime mods, but that doesn’t mean that I want to see them fail. I just no longer desire to ever succeed with mods like these.

      All in all, updating is worth it for the community, but for us/me as a creator it sadly has too many downsides to just go with it. I have ideas on when that would be possible, but that time isn’t here yet.

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