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      Oria Miller

      Hi i want to charge my energy in single player.
      In the info panel/server i saw “energy charge: disabled”
      Anyone help???

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      Presuming you use Windows, press the Windows key + R type %appdata% enter, go to .minecraft config, jrmcore.cfg, find old energy release change from false to true.

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      Oria Miller


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      Hey im playing on Technic launcher and it says energy charging disabled how would one fix that in the Technic launcher

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      You can get the Meditation Skill from Kami-Sama, then save and close the game, find this line within “jinryuujrmcore.cfg” (obviously, open it with any text reader);

      # Server Sided! It can be either 'passive' or 'active'. If it is 'passive' upgrading this skill will increase the regen rate for Body, Energy and Stamina (Survival Oriented). If it is 'active' upgrading this skill will only work if Release key is pressed and basicly functions as an energy recharge (Fighter/Console Oriented)
          S:"Skill Meditation - category"=passive

      You’ll find that file under config, inside your .minecraft.

      If you change the category from “passive” to “active”, you’ll recover Energy whilst holding down Power Release. I’d recommend then pressing Ctrl + F and looking for “Meditation” if you ever plan on changing the rate for that Energy Recovery.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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