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      Hi there,

      Many of you who are active on this forum may not know who I am, and that’s fine. This message applies to you as well. But for those of you who do remember my name (Also by the name of xWhisx) I’d like to say, hello! It’s been a long time.

      I’m just writing to simply say that I hope everyone who I have met, or hopefully will meet, is doing well in these particularly difficult times. 2020 has not been the most amazing of years in world news, but I’m optimistic that things will improve from here.

      Over the years I’ve been watching the mod and community from the background after I stopped playing regularly, and I must say this community, to this day, impresses me. The amount that it’s changed, grown, and evolved into a massive tree of servers and individual friend groups… that all started from a seed Jin planted, is genuine and truly phenomenal.

      I understand that for many this post is just a waste of a read, but I wish that despite me wasting your time, you understand that someone is glad you’re a part of this community. What Jin created is something that has impacted a lot of peoples lives in ways that many of them don’t even think of at times. From lifetime friendships, personal life lessons, to even decisions in career paths..

      I hope the ones that had to do with my journey are doing well, and if you see this.. Please, feel free to reply. I would absolutely love to catch up.

      Cheers and stay safe,


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      No creo que sea una perdida de tiempo para nada, es lindo ver cada tanto un post así, no mucha gente se pone a replantearse esto pero es cierto, la comunidad de JinGames abarca mucho, diferentes idiomas, paises, ideas, pero con cosas en común y que el proyecto que tuvo en su día Jin pueda seguir en pie da alegría realmente. Respondo en español para hacer visible el idioma, no hace falta responder o que lo lean siquiera, pero esto es la prueba de que lo que hizo Jin no fue solo un mod.

      Le deseó suerte a quien lo este leyendo.

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