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      Hello. i decided to share the saga story and configs i made a a little while ago for use in my server between me and my cousin.
      I pretty much just multiplied the health and damage of the enemies and balanced the forms and other stuff around the saga. yeah its pretty hard and requires training but i feel like the grind isn’t too tedious and feels just right.
      personally i think being able to overcome an opponent’s amazing power feels pretty great.

      There are some things i should probably change, like ultra instinct, i personally have not used it so i cant really tell if it’s way too expensive.

      The training point gain is 1:1 and the max stats are 500,000. Dunno why i put 500k you don’t even need to be anywhere near that to beat the saga. its really only that high for the Mind stat.

      the config is mainly aimed around saiyan play throughs, but i tried my best to balance everything out
      saiyan forms now have way more drain than normal, but also gave them higher multipliers
      for example i thought it’d be fun to have super saiyan 3 at a x15.0 multiplier but with enough drain for it to only be held for about 20-25 seconds at a time.

      anyways, heres the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vn9wb0eo64w38qz/DBC%20Saga%20and%20Config.zip?dl=1

      would love to hear what yall think i know its really not much but i had fun playing this.

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      i like, continue pls

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