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      1. No pornographic or offensive images of any kind.
      2. Do not make personal threats towards other members of the site.
      3. Spam is unacceptable and may lead to the deletion of your account.
      4. Do not attempt to extort money out of members of the site. This includes asking for donations, advertising personal products, advertising your own website (unless it is a server page) without permission from Jin Ryuu. Without Jins permission, you may not advertise anything except for a server.
      5. Posts that do not fit in General Talk may be moved to more appropriate forum sections.
      6. Please use Common sense.
      7. Have fun! No seriously, if you are not having fun I will find you.

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      1. I do not agree. Offensive stuff is the best!
      2. agree
      3.Do not agree. How will I get attention if I don’t spam?
      4.Meh. I guess I can’t do my Nigerian scams :/
      5.I have no feelings about this.
      6. How do I use that?
      7. LMAO
      OMG!!! I CAN EDIT!!!!!!!!
      Crimson….you prevented me from getting the first post. Y U DO DIS?
      Thank you for adding a general talk section btw.
      #AbuseTheEditOption Wait does that count as spam? Nah….

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      • This reply was modified 4 years, 12 months ago by Xymgar.
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      Andrew Hamilton

      Sorry crim, I dislike fun.

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      @Crimson is this where fanfics will go or no? Thank you

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