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      Hello I’m mainly here to talk about the way we gain TP in todays version of DBC. We mostly gain it from doing the saga, and doing the training minigames and fighting a shadow dummy. These are all fine and good, but let’s face it, some of us play singleplayer, and leveling up is pretty hard if i do say so from experience. But with shadow dummies and the concentration minigame make it alot easier, but after a while it gets tedious. For example, at the power level of 1 million, you need about 1 thousand TP to level up one stat. Then afterwards, it becomes 2 thousand, 3 thousand, and so on. Now then I’ll suggest some ways of fixing this. Back on my days on Roblox, i don’t care what you say for me this was a free version of minecraft, I found my self frequently visiting a Dragon Ball Z server. They didnt have TP or anything like that to level up your character. Instead you had to run, jump, fight, and train with others to be strong. In other words, if you started to run for a long time, you would get higher cardio if you ran for a long period of time. If you fought players stronger than you, your strength and damage dealt would increase. Now I’m pretty sure you know where im going with this.

      I’m basically saying Jin should revamp the way we gain Tp. As it is now it’s boring and tedius, and your really just left there……..punching training dummies in a small white room, with an admin who thinks he’s so skilled because he gave himself 10 million as a power level. There are mods out there that do the same thing in minecraft. There’s a mod called “mine fitness”, in which the player can run and become faster and much better at running, you can kill mobs and become stronger as you do. Theres no Tp to gain, because it does it for you. This would work well in DBC, because not only would it be close to the show, it would make people feel as if they accomplished something when they finally do achieve a higher power level. “yeah it took me 3 irl days to get to 1 million, but the soar thumbs, the pain in my back, and the sweat i worked up sure helped!!!”.

      How this could translate:
      Strength: Basically punching, and killing would level this stat up

      Dexterity: Blocking and taking hits more, and running will level this stat up

      Constitution: I guess places like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Kingkai’s planet, and weighted training armour, as well as blocking and taking damage could also level this up. If YearsC is installed then aging will also help this stat get boosted.

      Willpower: Doing things like using Ki attacks, or transforming could level this stat up. As well as weighted clothes. I think instead of training this stat, the amount of Willpower should all ways be proportionate to your Spirit, and only being boosted the more you use things like the Kaioken, transform, and ki attacks.
      Mind: Beating enemies, completing parts of the saga, and the concentration minigame could level this stat up.

      Spirit: You could level this up by doing KI attacks and stuff, but it think Spirit, almost like willpower, should be proportionate to your constitution.

      Flying: pretty obvious, just fly around for a while and you should level it up

      Transforming: levels as your spirit and body go up.

      Jumping: …………Jump

      Potential Unlock: Proportianate to how much willpower you have.

      Endurance: Same as dexterity, blocking and taking blows in combat

      Kaioken: maxed out from the beginning, but only becomes more energy efficient as you push yourself.

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      I sorta like the idea of that but I don’t know how many people would like it but I do think there should at least be more ways to get tp.

      Maybe you could have other things like Running, Jumping, Punching(even air), Digging(one of the things that Roshi made Goku do to get stronger and faster was digging), Flying, Maybe if you get close to death as a saiyan. And to get more tp out of these things is to make the situation your in harder e.g. Putting weighted cloths or being in a higher grav field would make your tp gain from things like running, jumping and flying higher.

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      Mohammed Altyeb

      this is the best idea so far.
      here i rest my case, just hope they see this.

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      This is good, it has been suggested too many times before and your version isn’t fully detailed, but the actual idea is good.

      Before you make a post search the forums to see if it has been suggested before, like please. It has also been covered in the devlog…

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      its a pretty good idea, it would make it a bit more true to the show. but that seems still like single players would have trouble since theres a point when they one shot mobs and the level they are on in the saga will just one shot them, and that wont really help. he would need to add more training npc’s that you could constantly train with. so like each master would have its own skills that it is proficient at and training with him will increase those stats, aswell as you can only use the mentors if you are strong enough so obviously a new player will not traing with goku they will train with like krillin and yamcha and tien, one will increase ki attacks, one will increase pysical attacks, and one will like improve you body. then you would move upto like piccolo, goten, and trunks, then like teen gohan and future trunks, then like goku and vegeta. and then those could mainly be good masters, and then there will be bad ones so like for new players u will be trained by like nappa, then frieza, then, cell, then buu.

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      sonicx05 then syn shenron, then omega shenron, then frost, then black goku for bad players XD

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      good idea, pretty similar to mine

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      Its cool. I would like to do that

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      Some questions I have to ask:
      – What will happen to the TP if this mechanic is added to the game?
      – What role do weights have in training?
      – Do you want to replace the skill system in addition to the statistics system?

      I think it is an excellent idea but the way to increase statistics I do not agree at all but I do not think it is very wrong.
      I think that life (constitution) is the endurance in the fight and it should be increased by receiving blows but stamina is also linked to life and the constitution so I do not think that it should be increased by receiving blows if not running, flying, blocking or doing something that consumes stamina.
      Dexterity increases resistance and speed, so it should also be divided, to increase the resistance of dexterity you should receive blows and block a lot, the stronger the blows, the more resistant (closely linked to constitution training) and for the speed should be improved by running, flying, dodging quickly.
      Strength only increases one stat, which would be strength … there is no speed at which you hit so there is no second factor so it’s weird, I think you should train this stat when hitting but only with weights, if you you do not carry weight you cannot increase your strength, so fighting with weights is what will make you improve, if you do not fight with weights you will train other statistics but not your strength (you can see in the anime like almost all fights the fighters they carry weights and when the fight gets complicated they take them off and they are stronger and faster). I also think that the weights should improve all the statistics to train but more than anything the strength.
      The spirit must be increased by spending ki, it can be progressively with a transformation or quickly with ki attacks, this only increases your maximum ki capacity, so I don’t think it should be very difficult to train it.
      The WillPower increases the strength of your ki attacks in general so, it is almost the same as the force, it is complicated and rare, it would be absurd that only by throwing ki attacks you get more power but it is not that crazy, I cannot think of something better. With transformations, ki attacks and weights it should increase your willpower.
      The mind is quite a useless statistic in the mod right now, it serves almost exclusively as a requirement to obtain new abilities, so I don’t see any sense of a way to train it, if it had another extra function, yes, but it is linked to abilities so like this right now is how i will say you should train. It should be trained using repressing your power and avoiding combat, your mind stat increases when you do daily actions that do not involve combat, the less power you use the more it increases, it can also be trained but to a lesser extent using skills learned by npc (fly, jump, dash, fusion, kaioken, godform, Ultra Intinct, etc), of course if you use this last option to train you will not only train minds (to a lesser extent) but also other statistics.

      I repeat, the creator’s idea is very good, I just wanted to give my point, I think either of the two ideas should be added but it should be added (either in a configuration to be able to choose the default system to train or leaving this idea as a system only).

      Translated with Google translator

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      While that is a great idea, that would eventually make TP trivial. Why would you specifically farm Shadow Dummies in order to get enough TP to increase your Strength if you could just wear Weights, lower your Battle Power and get way more Strength from just punching?

      That doesn’t really sound that bad if you’re thinking just about Stats, but when you take Skills and Upgrades into consideration, you realize that you’ll be getting stronger faster than you can enjoy the Saga. There wouldn’t be more “Training Arcs” for each Saga since a short training session would suffice.

      However, if the TP rate was severely decreased and entirely revamped, as in being obtained from increasing your Attributes passively, that would probably work better than the current system, while also being more logical and coherent.

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