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      God’s Flame

      Dragon Block C Roleplay! (Home of AW214’s roleplay)
      Hello everyone, I’m bringing to you a Dragon Block C server that is strictly role play. This server is going to allow you to create your own Dragon Block C Character. If you want to be evil, you can be evil and be a villain. If you want to be a good guy, you can be a good guy. The choice is yours. There is no definitive story to the server (Although all the characters from the anime will be in the roleplay).The server is whitelisted to prevent people from ruining the experience for all those who want to role play.
      First and foremost, you will be making an application that I will judge to determine whether or not you will be on the server. You can choose between 6 races.
      Saiyan: There are restrictions on your transformations, which you can rid yourself through a roleplay reason and having a high enough bp. Hardest race to apply for. disadvantages include; Not being able to become a super saiyan without a genuine reason, pride doesn’t count as a reason.
      Half- Saiyan: There are restrictions on your transformations, which you can get rid of through a roleplay reason and a high enough bp. Second hardest race to apply for. Can become a super saiyan slightly easier Disadvantages: considered inferior by saiyans, lack of pure fighting drive.
      Human: Most well balanced, have Buff Form. Most well accepted, most lenience in backstory The application still has to be good, but it doesn’t have to be as ridiculous as other races. (You can use mostly any skin of your choice as long as it fits the lore)
      Namekian: Can fuse with another Namekian(npc) once for a power boost, otherwise similar traits to humans. Namekians will also start with the ability to fly
      Majins: You start off with fly and endurance. You must choose human with a skin that is a majin.
      Arcosian (Frieza Race): : The Frieza race is an agile race, There are also restrictions on when you can go up in a transformation, which you rid yourself of through getting a high enough bp.
      – Template for Submission Application –
      Name: Self-Explanatory
      Gender: Male or Female
      Race: Choices from above
      Age: Self-Explanatory
      Personality:What is your character like? How does he act to others?
      General Appearance: You can either describe the gi outfit you would like, battle armor outfit and scouter color you would like if you are saiyan or arcosian, or your minecraft skin you’ll be using, plus hair styles, hair colors, tail or no tail, etc… Do not copy people in the show, you can use gi and armors from the characters from the show and make custom outfits with your gi please.Please try to come up with a creative story from scratch rather than copying dbz and saying something
      Backstory: This is your character’s history. If you are a saiyan or an arcosian, you can get battle armor and a scouter if you the correct card
      Server Rules: Please do not curse an obscene amount. Some cussing is okay, but don’t go overboard using extreme swear words. (Ex. F#*!&)
      Griefing is ONLY ALLOWED if you have a feud that the other person knows about and it’s their house. Otherwise, no griefing, it can get you banned.
      Play nice. You’re character can be unlikable, but don’t be unlikable yourself.
      Dragon Blocks are very rare for some custom wishing. and will allow a lot of wishes, just nothing ridiculous.
      Dying from another player in RP requires someone to summon Shenron or Porunga to revive you. Shenron can revive multiple people once, while Porunga can revive people one by one an infinite amount of times. When you die, if you would wish to make a new character rather than wait for someone, you can make a new character. So, if you’d like to switch from human to arcosian, you can do so. Staff is not needed to revive someone that died from RP.

      Note: I made the configs to make a realistic DBZ Feel
      Once there is a decently sized group of people wanting to join, we will release the ip and mods to the group as a whole at the same time. Good luck with your application.
      Note: From my personal stand point, when you are making your class please don’t all go for Saiyan/Half saiyan Get creative, try getting a little out of your comfort zone. After reading this, if you still want to be a saiyan or half-saiyan, I’m not stopping you. Go for it, but you better make a really good character. Also if your submission is accepted I’ll send you a pm with my discord. Good Luck!

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      Arlic bread

      booo you suck XD (olos is a bit better lol)

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      That really awkward moment when you literally copy and paste someone else’s forum post and the only thing someone says is that you suck. 10/10. Ofc you didn’t copy anything from me, but you did literally copy and paste Zyph’s entire forum post. Just write your own or give credit m8.

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        Not to mention he didn’t even post this in the right forum!
        such sacrilege

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      God’s Flame

      Credit to Zyph

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      they suck I was in they’re discord the owner broke his own rules and called me the n word so ya please just don’t join if you do be warned they are owned by a 5 year old with anger problems

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      lol ur salty because I don’t like u……..and u talked shit so stfu and get a life other than begging ppl for halfsaiyan

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      calling a 13 yr old a hoe too wow…
      just wow

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      nigga…….slaughter gang shit I do what I want

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      naw hes a salty hoe…..who I put in hushmode

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      God’s Flame

      oh shit!
      this little boy got his ass exposed

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      The amount of parents that allow their little kids to come onto the internet and make themselves look like idiots honestly surprises me. Of course it really shouldn’t surprise me with AW214 here, as he puts everything as though he’s a middle school kid who wishes he was a gangster. Honestly I don’t see who would even want to join this RP with just this knowledge.

      What if I stated that he likes to start shit with people although he has no reason for, as he has personally started shit with one of my friends, Zyph, and the worst part is, Zyph had no clue these people even existed until they started shit with him. I would assume that they dislike him because I, myself, told them to stop arguing like the little children they are over who “stole” from who, when they themselves had stolen from Zyph. Of course having a grudge against Zyph for something I stated makes no sense, as I did so on my own volition. Now what makes this even better is the fact that when questioned about their issues with Zyph, they downright lied to me about it. I used the nifty search function on discord and searched up “Zyph”. The results were clearly proving that they lied, so I screenshot it and put it up and asked them again. Of course they kicked me out, and before kicked Zyph out they deleted the images from their discord (information was given by Zyph). Now for “BITCHkamehameha” to say someone was exposed is completely nonsense, that is, until I’ve come to post this here. The only one of you children whom shall be “exposed” is AW214, and some unfortunate fellow named “Tekhan”. I will link an imgur page containing the two screenshots, just so nobody can claim I lied about them.

      First however I want to cover a key issue with one statement, made by “Tekhan”. This unfortunate soul referred to Zyph as an “elitist”. The major issue with this statement is the bias behind it. Tekhan was obviously upset at being denied by Zyph’s role play. However Tekhan failed to even use the word accurately. All Zyph wanted was; 1. Decent quality, 2. Lore accuracy, and 3. Decent Spelling/Grammar. Of course the ideas of what may and may not be “decent” may differ. Of course if you see the average of what was accepted and take that into account than you should have no issues actually applying with a quality that is acceptable. Of course I expect a rather “salty” response from you so please, do not disappoint.

      Screenshots that were mentioned earlier, of course were deleted on their discord, also I’m sure the messages could have potentially been deleted so checking for yourself is advisable but may prove fruitless;

      Those screenshots I mentioned

      One last mention before I end this off, it seems like AW214 is taking this way too seriously. Zyph simply created a private role play server, which required application to enter. You seem to want this to be a competition although nobody else actually wants to compete. We just want to exist, and enjoy our role play. Not to mention it seems like you’re making yours somewhat public, based off of a statement made in one of my screenshots provided.

      Anyways, I hope you manage to amuse me with your “slaughter gang shit” and all that, you’re obviously a professional at making yourself look like a dim witted child whom’s never even read a book. Hopefully you actually read this far and didn’t skip it all out of boredom because of your obviously lacking intelligence.

      Farewell, and hopefully you won’t continue to cause issues with people who had no clue you even existed before you targeted them.

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      God’s Flame

      this guy trying to act like he an adult with his Pepe avatar. Also, no one insulted you personally so fuck off

      • This reply was modified 6 years, 4 months ago by God's Flame.
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        Arlic bread

        that’s pepe and XD

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        “This guy is trying to act like he an adult with his Pepe avatar. Also, no one insulted you personally so fuck off”

        Lovely work there. For one, I never claimed I was an adult, but it’s obvious I’m more mature than you. Secondly, and this is the most important part. You personally attacked a friend of mine, without reason. So if “fuck off” is all you have to say, than you’re really doing yourself no good.

        Also, what does my profile picture have to do with what I said? Pepe is a common internet meme, and it has no relevance to the discussion. Obviously you’re attempting to make yourself look like you’re in a higher position, but at least my profile picture is something that is real to something (a comic, by the way). Your picture is of a fake version of Gogeta, obviously it is not relevant to the point of my post, but it seems noteworthy that my profile picture, and yours are both irrelevant. If fact many adults use pepe, or other memes as profile pictures, this was actually a temporary one until I could draw and upload some artwork as my profile picture.

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      listen everyone this was a troll kinda…and a social experiment so ya they cool I recommend u join em

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      Name: Hawk
      Gender: Male
      Race: Half-Saiyan
      Age: 13
      Personality: My character is peaceful and studies alot.
      General Appearance: White hair (Trunks Hairstyle) Usually Wears Gi’s
      Backstory: Not much is known about Hawk’s Parents. Hawk was raised by his grandfather. When Hawk has 10 his village got attacked by a group of bandits which destroyed most of the village. Hawk was the only survivor. He has since been training to get vegeance on those bandits saiyans. After 1 year had passed Hawk’s BP has a staggering 20.000. With his power he destroyed the bandits base. After his vengeace has complete. He went and trained with Master Roshi.

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      Joel Medina Morales

      Neither crazy I enter your server, AW, you are a bad administrator… You Abuse of your power, I will not insult you, I prefer to speak like an adult to form scandal like a small child. To those people who want to enter this server, go ahead, but I tell them, that AW is a bad administrator and abuses his powers, I telling you guys from own experience. With nothing more to say, I hope you are well and you have improved. Good luck ;).

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      I’m not a bad admin because i banned you for advertising and technically this is starting something but i have no time for you or this petty post.

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      Name: Vezz
      Gender: Male
      Race: Half-Saiyan
      Personality: Vezz is Half-Saiyan who lacks a drive to train unless needing to. He is very creative and lacks empathy for those who do him wrong.
      General Appearance: Vezz wears white and orange armor with a black shirt underneath. Vezz (unlike most half-saiyans) wears a purple scouter. Vezz’s hair is similar to Goku’s hair but no all the way there. Vezz has a tail.
      Backstory: Vezz was created by a secret couple when a male Saiyan in which Vezz does not know the name of traveled to earth. There the Saiyan met a female earthling and a couple of months later Vezz was born. Vezz’s parents were killed off guard by 2 criminals in which Vezz has sworn to get vengeance. Vezz has been living on the earth for a while and blended right into everyday society while sometimes liking to play superhero. On times were Vezz has no need to be around earthlings and is getting ready to fight he puts on his Armor and Black shirt and goes out to on the next challenge.

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