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      Hi there, well i came here to tell and suggest about DBC support more MC versions. hmmm i like alot this mod and well 1.7.10 version is cool and stuff, but 1.8 is more it also have more features that would be useful and fun to play i would like to see an 1.8 DBC version, but well i dont know if the community will approve or like my idea but well thats it, i would like to see other versions support like 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and stuff well thats it thanks for reading.

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      I can here to request that DBC supports more versions of Minecraft. I like this mod a lot, and the 1.7.10 version is cool, and all, but 1.8 has more features that would be useful and fun to play with. I would like to see a 1.8 port of DBC, but I don’t know if the community would approve my idea, or even like it. I would like to see other versions of Minecraft supported like: 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10. Thanks for reading!

      (Sorry, I couldn’t stand staring at this for more than 5 seconds, so I rewrote it)

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      Personally, I agree with the sentiment, after forge for 1.8 was finally completed, so many mods migrated to it, as well as even more mods showing up, DBC is really hurting it’s already limited public by restricting itself to 1.7.10, and this goes for all of Jin’s mods.

      That being said, until the mod feels complete, or at least more balanced, it would not be a safe move to begin conversion, as it would take a long time, considering the scope of the mod, and no offense to this community, but it does get a tad bit whiny when updates take long to come out, so at least making the mod packed with content and actually balanced would hold people off.

      In short, 1.8 DBC would be great…if the mod itself were more complete.

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      I really don’t see why so many people want to update saying that each feature that each version adds in could be added by a modder in 1.7.10.

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        Very constructive criticism Gabriel.

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      Jin had a poll a while back whether to maintain 1.7 and get more dbc updates, or halt the dbc updates while jin converts it to 1.8. the people wanted dbc updates more than they wanted a newer version at that point in time.

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      If Jin udaptes DBC to a version > 1.7.10 then he’ll have to do the same with NC, to don’t show a favour treatement to any mod (though 90% of the communnity is here only for DBC, so actually I don’t see any issue in udapting only DBC).
      Which would lead to a shit load of work to udapte, considering that if he udpates to the latest version, 1 month later he’ll have to redo it ’cause Mojang will have released a new version.
      And reading the other opinions, I personally come to this conclusion : either he udaptes it when vanilla is sure to don’t receive udaptes anymore either he do it when the mod is like 90 % complete (for now, I’d say we’re around 60-70%, considering the priority content). But in both case he’ll do it slowly or in one shot, so either we slow down for half a year at least or we don’t have any udapte for 3 months.

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      I think that if the mod goes through a version update, it would lose nothing, not least because it would be very good to be able to add other types of mods that only work in the following versions.

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        First of all, nice necro.

        Secondly, Ben has already answered this sentiment many times. Right now the priority is to add content to the mod and smooth out the rough edges, and if he does decide to update the mod to 1.8+ it won’t be for quite some time.

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      1.8/1.9 would be really hard to re-code since 1.8-1.13 uses a similar but different format of java, and that would work up to 1.13 since thats when the second major code change happened, also if Jin is waiting for Minecraft to stop releasing updates, i’d probally happen never, since I dont think Minecraft is gonna stop updating anytime soon,i mean, if the mod was open source i’d bet someone would have made a 1.8 port, but i think this mod is closed source

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