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      One of my biggest achievements when playing DBC “canonically” (certain milestones can only be reached if canonically accurate, such as only obtaining Super Saiyan in Frieza Saga) has been finally crafting a Dragon Radar. Knowing that Dragon Balls would spawn around midday, nearly every time I realize the Sun is centered on the sky, I get my Radar and walk around the woods; and absolutely never, in three days playing, my Radar has detected any Dragon Balls.

      Thought they weren’t spawning at all, until, while holding my Radar, I found a Stone Dragon Ball. Took me 7 of them to realize that my Dragon Balls are not spawning as regular Dragon Balls, they’re always on the Stone phase. As I’m playing with JinRyuu’s Years, I have waited four whole years in-game after summoning Shenron, hoping for them to quit being Stones, yet it never happened.

      I can’t really find Stone Dragon Balls that frequently, either. Is there anything I can change on the game’s configs to force Dragon Balls to never spawn as Stones? Seems way more reasonable than just making stone Dragon Balls spawn 2 blocks away from me.

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