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      Hello everyone! I would like to proudly announce the creation of a brand new Xenoverse/ Dragon Ball Absalon themed Dragon Block C Roleplay server! The name, Dragon Block C: Timeline Heroes!
      The idea of the server takes place in an alternate time line, and thus allows the strongest players to become Gods of Destruction, Kaio-shins, Angels, and even attempt to become the next Omni-King! The plot is even simpler! Your character is a member of this Timeline’s Time Patrol, and must stop horrific events from messing up not only the primary timeline, but the Future Trunks Timeline, and the Dragon Ball GT Timeline! Our server will include the entire primary DBC Saga, plus some of our own boss fights in between, the entire Dragon Ball GT and Absalon series, and then Dragon Ball Super, as well as all the movies (EXCEPT DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION!!!!)

      Our rules are very easy to follow
      1. Respect ALL players and staff alike
      2. No Meta-Gaming
      3. No racial slurs or F-bombs.
      4. Remain in character unless using (parenthesis) .
      5. Don’t roleplay yourself into being OP. You must EARN it.

      To fully prepare yourself the server’s November release, apply for a character now! All races are ALWAYS open! But, please be sure to follow the application template correctly.

      IGN Name:
      Character Name:

      Race: (saiyan, Half-Saiyan, Human, Arcosian, Namekian

      Alignment: (good, neutral, evil)

      Power Level: (Below 1,000)

      Ki attacks:(Describe CUSTOM ki attacks your character knows, and cost. You have a total of 200 Ki Points to use. You will be given access to these upon log-in.)

      Backstory: (Length depends on character age)

      If you follow the template properly, you are almost guaranteed acceptance!

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      I’m new to RPing, so I’m sorry if this is a bad submission.

      IGN: Mister_Pinocio
      Character Name: Grismar
      Age: 19

      Race: Half-Saiyan

      Alignment: 80% Good

      (Oh boy, power levels!)Power Level: 680

      Ki Attacks:
      -Static Flare: A low power, explosive, green ki ball that can be fired in quick succession. (130 Ki Points)
      -Multi-Blade: A fast, small ki disk that can be used to hit fleeing foes (70 Ki Points)

      Grismar is a Half-Saiyan that was born in universe 6 after the saiyan army stationed troops on Earth (Remember the Saiyans are good in uni. 6). When he was a few months old he was abducted by a well known space criminal, who after consulting the universe 6 counterpart of Zuno to escape from the authorities forever was escaping to universe 7, after the criminal escaped using Grismar as a hostage he abandoned him on a backwater planet in universe 7. He was then taken in by the inhabitants of the planet where he was raised to defend the locals from the vicious wildlife of the planet. When he was 15 years old he was found by the Time Patrol, who took him under their wing after seeing his potential.

      (This isn’t in the template but I wanted to add some other stuff because I felt like it was kinda incomplete)

      Spiky brown hair standing on end, with bangs. Purple eyes, a grey gi, a dark aqua-greenish undershirt, belt, boots, and arm bracers.


      False SSJ:


      That’s all I’ve got for this, if you could tell me what I could improve on I’d appreciate that, and thank you for your consideration.

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        Server will be released as soon as possible!

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        IGN Name:jacob690
        Character Name:Nevera(Cooler In Spanish)


        Power Level: 850

        Ki attacks:Pew Pew Beams:Is medium damage attack that shoots rapid beams

        Backstory:When he was born he didn’t have a high power level compared to his other family memembers so he was cast aside.until one day when sent on a misson to prove he was worthy of being a part of this family he was sent to Vampa which he was not ready for it.almost getting his ship smashed he escapes with many injuries.While in the pod he thinks that about that his family sent on a death misson knowing that he wouldn’t have been do anything.He wakes up and he was treated on earth but not feeling safe he shortly leaves thinking about his family he swears to not being anything like them but his thoughts being distrubed by the hosptial staff saying that he needs to pay he then runs at full speed into to the forest.And this is that state my characters is in at the start of the rp


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      IGN Name: Gheorghita
      Character Name: Phatoto (from potato lol)
      Age: 15

      Race: Saiyan

      Alignment: Neutral

      Power Level: 950

      Ki attacks: High voltage wave it costs around 1000 TP’s to create and it’s a small but powerful wave

      Backstory: A saiyan was born in Universe 7 on planet Vegeta and he was going to another planet(like Goku was going on Earth to eradicate all humans) but something went wrong on the spaceship’s launch and his parents introduced a black hole’s coordinates so he was thrown in a black hole in another universe… In universe 11. He was like 5 years old when he was sent to space. The ship collapsed on a planet that had only wildlife and he survived by eating meat and stuff. In a day when he was 12 years old he lost his control and his hair turned green and he was going wild… His power was sensed by an elder and he came to see what’s happening… when he arrived to the boy’s location he saw him in that form and he was scared… the boy calmed down when he saw anyone else like him. The elder learned him a lot of things and trained him to be able to control his destructive power. Now we know him as Phatato, he has 15 years old and a power lvl of 950.

      (I hope that I will be accepted ^_^)

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      Just be sure to fix the backstory to accommodate the existence of the Elder on a planet with only wildlife

      Server is still under construction, will hopefully be completed within the next few months

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        Oh, the elder is from a close planet to Phatato’s planet and he just sensed his ki

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      IGN Name: What is that? I’m acient ;-;
      Character Name: Hachiro
      Age: 19

      Race: Saiyan

      Alignment: 70% Good

      Power Level: 710

      Ki attacks:
      Wild Cannon – Orange Energy Wave (Wave, Avarage, 100% dmg, 46 cost)
      Power ball – Fake moon from Vegeta basicly ;-;

      Backstory: Hachiro is a Saiyan from Universe 7 and he was born on planet Vegeta. His father name is Darius and the mother name is Nina. Hachiro was born with the power level of 120 so he became a low-class warrior as a resault. When he was 15 years old, Frieza came on planet Vegeta, however Hachiro was on the mission with his brother Kambrich. Hachiro finds out that his planet was blown up by a meteor but he doesn’t really give a shit about it. He was dissapointed about his father death who taught him a lot. Hachiro then stops on multiple planets. But once he was 18 years old, he stopped on some planet with really strange but friendly people. This planet named Planet Ukiri. The people was a lot like Humans or Saiyan but they was stronger than Hachiro. As reasult Hachiro met Akihero and together they started training with each other. Hachiro became a little bit stronger and attained a power level of 910. He became more than a good person because of Ukirians friendly personality.

      Appearance: His Hair is a lot like Beat hair from Dragon ball Heroes. Basicly is just a Saiyan. Black Hair, eyes and brown tail. Wears his old battle armor with some Ukirian upgrades

      Abilities: Since Hachiro’s father teached him a power ball, Hachiro is able to transform into an Oozaru. In this form Hachiro becomes a lot stronger. He can keep his sanity on a very good level but still can’t talk in this form

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        Ign is your In Game Name.
        I just need that before I officially accept or decline.

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        IGN Name: HachiroArai

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      IGN Name: Ultrahero98
      Character Name: Zylo
      Age: 20

      Race: Sayian

      Alignment: neutral

      Power Level: 850

      Ki attacks: Death wave (Red Energy Wave, Above Average, 100% dmg, 46 cost)

      Backstory: ( Zylo Was born on Weird Planet due to the fact that his family fled from Planet Vegeta after finding out it was going to explode, The planet had barely enough food and water to survive, there were hostile races on that planet that had a very high power level, Zylo’s Parents were forced to fight so they sent Zylo and his brother away, But Zylo’s Pod got knocked off course sending him adrift in space, he drifted until he landed on planet earth where he met Someone Named Makoto, Makoto Trained Zylo and helped him to get stronger and to keep balance with his power.

      Please tell me if i messed up 😀

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        Joel Medina and Zack, both your applications are accepted!

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      Joel Medina Morales

      Name: Toeru
      Gender: Male
      Race: Saiyan
      Age: 10 years
      Personality: The personality is normal, it can be serious and fun, but you can not mess with your loved ones, because it explodes in anger (Still can not be transformed into SSJ)
      Aspect: He looks like his father, Turles, in the physical aspect, His skin is like his mother’s, light color, not like his father’s that is dark, Dark hair. And a saiyan armor Aspect.

      Fighting Style:He uses a kind of fight almost similar to that of Vegeta. The problem is he does not know any fighting style. Take it for a fight. He feels he looks cool as well. Maybe someone interacts with him to learn a fighting style.
      Alignment:He´s totally good, but can turn a little bit bad.
      Story: Toeru is the son of Turles. In the year 764 Toeru was born having 4 months of birth, at 5 months of age Turles left his house, since he mistreated the mother of Toeru and wanted to conquer planets, passed the time and the Day that someone destroyed the planet Kabocha where they inhabited, before this, Toeru’s mother quickly grasps it and puts it in a space capsule to escape to the earth, this happens in the year 757, in the year 759 Toeru turns 10 Years in the earth 1 year before the arrival of Raditz, its power of fight is of 4,500 goes by the earth exploring until finding someone with whom it becomes strong …
      Toeru is walking through the Garlick Jr Fortress (this one without knowing what the place was defined as Orange Sky) and sees 3 people fighting, a human and 2 greenish-skinned men. Toeru knew he did not could stay in the place because he would die, but from fear he could not move, suddenly an expulsion of air suspends him through the air, and he reacts and leaves, since then he knew that he had to become strong to be rival with these people. Actually he travels in the time, Having 13 years and a half. He´s looking for a good trainning and a world without bad people.


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      The Xenoverse theme has been abandoned, HOWEVER, the idea of this taking place in an alternate timeline STILL REMAINS. You will still also be able to travel between timelines to do quests for Future Trunks and such. I am doing this in favour of a full DBZ World which has fallen to ruin, with the players acting as the only guardians left, even if they’re outnumbered and out powered.

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        Joel Medina Morales

        Cool, but, how we´ll know when sv is ON? Any Discord Server or something?

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        Discord link will be posted once the server is closer to completion. Should be in about 2-3 weeks

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        Joel Medina Morales

        Alright! 😀

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      I know you said it isn’t finished, but I joined a while ago and there is nothing on there. Not trying to be that guy, but maybe post it when there is something there next time?

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        Well, there are only a total of 2 other members, so not a lot to have made. Rules is pretty much all needed until people join and begin chatting

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      character name: kyle jinkourie


      pl (powerlevel): 896

      backstory: he was just 5 when his mother and father died, thankfully though kyle escaped when the police found out he was ABOUT to be put into an orphanage when he broke free from the grips of the police and fled into the woods, with only his backpack and the contents inside he read a book to learn the language of the city and he had to survive using instincts and what his mom and dad told him before they died when he turned 16 he came out of hiding, got a small apartment from working small jobs and had a little bit of extra money, and that time was now.

      techniques: energy wave: a basic energy wave

      ki blast:basic ki blast

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        btw best way to contact me is through discord im shaggy#9218

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      Sooo, the discord was deleted i’m guessing. Server not gonna happen is it?

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      IGN Name:SkullGunnerGamer
      Character Name:Diablo

      Race: saiyan


      Power Level:720

      Ki attacks:cosmic flow its a small ball what deals alot of damage cost 200

      Backstory: when diablo was 3 years old planet vegeta got destroyed and diablo had regrets that hes parents died ever since then he wanted to get stronger so he never see anyone close to him die again so he wants to be the next omni king so he can save the world from evil but he has hard time trusting people after what happened then

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      this still a thing? I wanna apply but I don’t know if this is still ongoing, if it isnt I don’t wanna spend time applying for no outcome

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