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      1st it was working fine before ( a couple of month ago) ,i wanted to try the newest update but,….

      It still work lol, but i get a skin bug,

      i get to the character creation screen and then from there whatever race i choose it show my default skin, ( i tried chaning every option, (hair , gender, eyes, everything,) but event after i creat the character it still stay with my default skin. And since after we creat a character we are small, then the camera is at 1 block , as if the new model was insine my default skin,

      ive also looked at all the page in the bug forum but , couldn’t find any fix, the closest thing i found was about optifine ( or something like that) but since i dont use it (im gessing its a mod ) it probbly not the problem, i also reinstalled everything like around 4 time, it still do it, erased config,

      I would like to know, if there is someone who know how to fix it and how to,

      well, just tell me what i could try and i will do it, i might have forgotten to check something and its not like i got anything to lose other than time ūüôā

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      May be the server/world is glitched
      Try making a new one

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      Ok, when you start, break a block and wait for the drop to appear. When the drop appears try to make your character.

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        Eddie Cx

        I’m going to try to do this because I have the same problem as the guy that posted the forum

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      Make sure you don’t have excess mods, one mod that I know that does this to Dbc is the “Smart Moving Mod”.x

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      in mods folder create 1.7.10 folder and then put mods from this site ūüėõ to the 1.7.10 folder

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      @batvenompl No, thats bad! You dont need to do that. If you have not enough items and code chicken core the mods folder, forge makes a 1.7.10 folder and makes a new mod called cod chicken lib and places it in the 1.7.10 folder. dragon block c doesnt require that though

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      ive noticed optifine and player api tends to turn off jin ryuu mods skins

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      to the mods folder*

      And optifine? Player API does that, im sure, but optifine? From what i remember optifine doesnt do anything… Well, it could be false. I started to play with fastcraft since, its WAAAYYYY better than optifine even though its still WIP. And fastcraft doesnt only increase your FPS, but terminate lag spikes, make lighting always render properly and many more. It just makes your game playable in a bad computer…

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        Optifine does cause issues but can be used by doing 2 extra things, 1) Install bspkrsCore. 2) rename optifine to have a 0 infront of the O e.g. OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_E7.jar would be renamed to 0OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_E7.jar this changes the load order so i believe jrmcore is always now loaded after optifine

        thats what i did to fix it and havent had problems with optifine breaking my skin since hope this helps.

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      It’s a update glitch to JDE update it to 1.6.1 and it should fix and your server if your using a server

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