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      Hi guys,
      I’m going to yet again host a Roleplay server.
      In the Roleplay, you are going to follow the main custom Storyline with own character you make.
      You and the whole community are going to shape the universe, the story of the world by your actions. The story is yet to be created, it can be anything. For example world without our main Dragon Ball Z protagonists but instead, you ( the players ) arrived on earth to protect the planet or destroy it. It can be anything.

      If you are interested please make your application here, following this blueprint:

      Race: [Feel free to be creative, I’ll see what I can do if you decide to use some custom race]
      Backstory: [How your character came to be, the reasons of your personality, goals, heritage]

      -Name and ID

      I hope I’ll see you all in-game, See ya!

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      Name: Kaley

      Age: 17

      Race: Sayian

      Gender: Female

      Personality: She’s kind, kinda clumsy but she has good intentions. quick temper, and a loves everyone. dislikes disrespectful people.

      Apperance: Long black hair, 5’2 short. Slim. still has her tail

      Backstory: Kaley grew up to be an elite warrior to due her powerlevel, at the age of 5 she got her first mission alongside Raditz who was also very young, they completed their mission but raditz left with the spacecraft they both came in leaving kaley alone on a deserted planet. she didnt give up and she trained her butt off until she turned 17.she wanted to leave this planet but then a man appareared with spikey black hair and an orange GI, his name was Goku, kaley felt like she knew him as he has some resemblance of raditz. Goku, who felt her powerlevel wanted to see who was so strong. after some time Goku offered Kaley to come with him to earth where he told more saiyans live, kaley accepted and left the deserted planet for planet earth. this all happened after the BUU Saga

      Discord McYaBoy#3028

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      Jack Frost

      Name: Sakai
      Age: 13
      Race: Sphinxian (Beerus Race)
      Gender: Male
      Personality: He has the yare yare attitude
      Appearance: He looks like beerus but has cooler clothes either goku’s original clothes from dragon ball or goku’s end of z clothes
      Backstory: He is one of the youngest god of destruction. He saw most of the people of his race get murdered by emperor Cado and was his slave with a deep resentment of him,
      Discord: Dantheman20012001#3681

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        Jack Frost

        the edit I try to do didn’t work

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      Name: Zero
      Age: Unknown
      Race: Arcosian
      Gender: Male?
      Personality: Zero is quite an interesting fellow, mostly staying quiet when in a group. He tends not to speak unless spoken to or he has something of worth to give to any given conversation, due to this most people would see him as a bit of a hermit. But in reality, he is a very curious individual and loves to explore new worlds when he gets the chance.
      Appearance: (His skin is a nice dark grey color, with blue armor-like pieces on his skin. As for his eyes, they are blue. His piece and other pieces on him are grey.
      Backstory: Zero had an interesting life growing up. Unlike the majority of his race, he did not have an absurdly high birth power level…it was about ten thousand. So his father who did not want a weak offspring shipped off his son into space, making sure he would never see him again. The young Zero after being shipped off in a small pod landed on a strange planet, lucky he landed nearby next to a village. The elder of said village who was the strongest went to the pod, finding the baby frost demon and taking him in as his own. Now the frost demon naturally leaned towards being destructive but adapted quickly when he had the snot kicked out of him for it…becoming more docile and soft spoken. While the tendencies still remained in him he learned to keep them hidden and be kinder than most of his brethren. While he was raised by the elder he also learned of training, and how to properly train…this caused the frost demon to skyrocket in power as he grew to maturity quite fast. While his power was low he had incredible potential and it showed as he surpassed every being on the planet by the time he was fully matured. However, when he was at the age of maturity his planet was visited by the Zeros father. Zero’s father was trying to conquer the planet but his men were quickly dealt with by Zero, and when his father actually came down to the planet their fight began, with Zero showing his father how strong he had become by absolutely beating him and forcing him to flee. Now Zero had to leave the planet, mainly because he knew that his father’s subordinates would now be after him, deciding to start putting together his own team to combat his father.

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        Nice, Accepted

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        Hey! Sorry I forgot to give you my discord name. It’s ShadowAtores#5704

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      Name : Byleth
      Age : 15
      Race: Saiyan
      Gender : Male
      Personality: He has a rather calm temperament, being distant towards strangers.
      Appearance: He has the long hair of future trunks but in black, He wears a saiyan armor with a green bodysuit underneath and a green wide headband on his head.

      Backstory: Like all saiyans, he was sent to another planet in order to colonize it but on the way back he gets absorbed in a kind of black hole. For him only a few minutes passed, but outside it passed forty years. When he finally escaped from the black hole, the path of his space pod was deviated from its initial direction, the young Saiyan crashing on Earth. The first thing he did once on the ground was to examine the map of his ship to discover the planet where he was, he discovered with dismay that his home planet no longer existed. The first thing he did was hide his pod in a cave, a few days passed since his arrival, after his little daily hunt, his detector exploded while three forms passed at full speed above him, he took the reflex to reduce his Ki in order to be able to hide, but in these mysterious forms two of them seemed familiar to him at least resembling something that he knows. He made up his mind to follow them, which led him to a big city, and then to a huge building called capsule corp.


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      Name: Jack(Might change)

      Age: 19

      Race: Half-Saiyan

      Gender: Male

      Personality: He tries his best to be kind but is extremely frustrated with how he is performing physically.

      Appearance: Black hair, has a tail…yeah

      Backstory: Originally his father(who was a full saiyan) was sent to earth as a child and was raised by an old woman. He grew up to become the legendary super saiyan and protect the earth as its greatest hero. Later in life he would have a half saiyan son (who was Jack). Sadly Jacks mother would pass away while giving birth, and Jacks dad would end up giving his life to defeat a space tyrant. Jack would end up being raised by his fathers original caretaker and would be trained to become the next greatest hero


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