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      I’ve been working on an idea for some time now, of a Hardcore Dragon Block C world. As the name implies it’s obviously not meant to be a long term server, but rather an experiment to see how players act when placed in Dragon Block C in hardcore. While players can go through the saga and get TP, I also play on creating a story through server events. During the servers runtime, I plan on recording it, gathering clips from players and other moderators, and compiling the best parts into a youtube video.

      You may be wondering how hardcore with Dragon Block C can work, so here’s the idea I have. Normally in hardcore, when you die, that’s it, no second chances. But my plan for this server is when you die, you are permanently stuck in Otherworld, as you would be in Dragon Ball. While in Otherworld, I plan on making it easier for players to get stronger, and adding more activities for them to do, as well as possibly some structures and competitions. With all this in mind, I want it to be possible for dead players to be revived through the dragon balls, so if your friend or a powerful figure on the server dies, it remains possible for them to return, and if they do return, they’ll come back even stronger than before.

      The server is still in it’s early phases so it may be a while before it starts, but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this, along with any ideas people may have!

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      Rick Sanchez

      I feel that’s something I’d definitely be interested to participate in! You definitely have to keep this updated.

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      This sounds very interesting! Hope this goes well/as planned
      I don’t have really any suggestions tho, maybe make players have a limited amount of lives before dying for good ? It could be kinda overpowered if they can revive indefinitely and get stronger every time, like it could be a good way to be stronger but it’s limited and “risky”, ig.

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      + it wouldn’t feel hardcore-like even if dragon balls would be hard to find or get, because you can revive ALL dead players at once if they’re all good (not evil/neutral and all) if I remember well so yea

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      Will I Am

      Hooo that seems like a really cool idea, i’d definitely like to play if you actually go through with it

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      This sound amazing i would like to join you too.

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      I’d prefer some sort of 3 life sytem or using the Dragon Balls to revive someone, or both of these put together! If you die on your 3 lifes, you go to the After life (And that’s the only way to get Kaioken and King Kai Training) And can come back after completing his Training, and the next times you die you can either do quests or instantly come back, if the 3 lifes run out you’d be stuck in the afterlife until someone uses either the dragon balls to revive you, or you’d have to restart completely.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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