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      carlos Mex DB

      For every two players there should be two fusions, the fusion used depends on which of the two players is in control.
      When two players fuse for the first time the fusion information is created by the server and stored in the client of the controlling player, information such as appearance, skills, fusion id, etc.
      when a player creates his character, the server gives him a unique id, this id is used to identify which player you have to fuse to control each fusion.
      also,why don’t we make fusions have the ability to store 24 ki attacks?
      you can only use the 8 in the hotbar, but you can swap out
      This could go very well with combined ki attacks.

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      Good idea but I dont think they are gonna ever get it done. Also a good idea would be if they have a custom dbc character to merge them together and create a mix of both of them

Viewing 1 reply thread
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