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      So you all probably want to make your own forms right? I have a couple of ideas on how it would work, probably kinda advanced and not how jin would actually make them, but I like putting my ideas out there for people to read.

      Part 1 – Making a transformation
      To make a transformation, there would be a new sub-menu in the main menu for the mod labeled ‘transformations’. To make one, you would go here and click ‘create new transformation’. You would be greeted with a menu like the ki attack creation menu.

      Part 2 – Customizing your transformation’s appearance
      There would be various options for your transformation, such as aura color and aura type (flaming, whatever ultimate form uses, and new aura types that jin would have to make). also, if you selected something like a flaming aura, you would be able to have 2 colors in the aura, and you could also get an option to just go off your normal aura color, like transforming would make your aura bigger, or lighter. You could also have aura effects like lightning, those particles that UI goku had, or the sparkles that Ascended ssjb vegeta had. You could customize the color of these particles as well.

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      Part 3 – Transformation power, drain and other things
      After you had got your transformation looking the way you wanted it to, you could get down to making the things that matter like how strong your transformation is, how much it drained, etc. there would be a limit to how strong your transformation was. This would be to stop people from just making something as broken as ssjb straight off the bat (you’ll see why further down in the post), and make something reasonable, something like ssj, or kaioken x 2. the stronger the transformation is, the more it drains you, so you would be able to make something about as strong as ssj2, but it would drain more than ssj2 (you’ll see where I’m going with this if you keep reading). Also, you can customise what sort of power it drains (like health, stamina, ki etc). If you chose for it to drain health, it could be overlayed over other transformations.

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      Part 4 – stamina draining forms
      If you chose for your transformation to drain stamina, then you could make it stronger than if you chose health or ki drain (up to around god form levels) and it would not be able to be overlayed. Stamina draining transformations wouldn’t take much time at all to transform into, because they would be the type of form that you use in short bursts for extra damage. Sort of like a temporary rage boost. The stamina drain wouldn’t be too bad, unless you made it about as strong as ssj god.

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      Part 5 – Vento Aureo Form usage and mastery
      When you’ve created your custom form, there’s a special bit of the menu that pops up when you press x dedicated to each type of transformation (so for ki draining forms there would be a part of the menu, same with health draining and stamina draining forms). You would transform the exact same way as usual, except for stamina transformations. These would be bound to something else, like ctrl + G. If you used a form for long enough, you would gain a skill point for that form. With it you could slowly make the form better by reducing ki drain or the time it takes to transform or the form multiplier (this change in form multiplier would be very small because of what I’m about to mention). And once you had 3 skill points, you could ‘evolve’ your transformation. Like adding a grade 2 to your custom form. when you chose to add a new form, you could choose to make the drain a lot less without changing the power, or you could add power at the cost of drain. you could also change the aura, but not as much as before. You would be able to make the aura effects more frequent, but not change the color. be able to add a new layer to the outside of your aura, which would either be lighter than the center of your aura, or you could make it the same color as the center of your aura and make the center of your aura darker. each new stage you added to your transformation would cost 2 more skill points than the time before it, so from 3 skill points it would take 5, from 5 to 8 etc. After you had added a second stage to a transformation you would be able to allocate your skill points to other stages of the transformation using a button next to where the form was in the menu which would change which stage of your form you were seeing. Skills would be able to be leveled up to lv 30.

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      Personally I like the sound of all of that

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      Wow, this is a pretty well-thought out concept! Just 3 things that occurred to me as I read your concept:
      1. What about TP cost? A way to factor that in is by, instead of correlating drain and power right off the bat, making it so when you raise power, the TP cost goes up. Then you can raise drain to lower it. After that, the drain can be lowered by leveling up the form without any extra TP cost, but it means that people who have, say, 1 billion tp, aren’t limited as much as someone with, say, 1,000 TP, but the 1,000 TP form can still become as good as the 1 billion TP form once it’s been used long enough.

      2. Maybe some cooler cosmetic choices (like UI particles, head changes for Arcosians, adding a tail, or massive size change like a great ape) could be supporter exclusive, while other basic ones (like hair color change, hair raising, lightning, and aura color change) would be free? It wouldn’t be SUPER popular but it would help Jin out a little.

      3. Sorry to bring this issue into this post, but it needs to be done… what if someone wanted to make, say, Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Ultra Instinct x1000 (I realize how dumb that sounds but I assure you someone will want to), or some UI-esque form? UI dodging would have to be added to custom forms unless that isn’t how UI will work. That would be super overpowered for people to get; what do you propose there?

      Thanks for reading my thoughts

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      Ok so custom forms it should maybe have a config to aplifi there power and such and there ki usage. they must also have hair color changer efects and such diffrent sounds. so an example ssjrage blue aura in the inside yellow on the out side/no eyes and maybe a face change.this form gos with the half saiyan and others as such. another example fssj,has no eyes brown hair yellow aura and yellowish skin color.and tons more that i wont get into now in oder to get these forms 1: you must have somthing called super tp or somthing. 2:add another slide to the v menu screen thing that says Custom Forms. 3:just like the custom ki attacks it the same thing only with a diffrent style and such. and you get to make new sound when they transform.

      This meeseg is brought to you by me and my friends who came up with these idea and really would want to see custom forms

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