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      Hello, I am wanting to make a modpack using your mod. However, apparently there would be a lot of licensing issues were I to include it in my pack without a curseforge page. (The page that is there doesn’t seem to have been posted by you)

      So, could you make a page for this mod on the site if it doesn’t hinder whatever else you are doing? Even if the page just has a link back to this site and a permissions note below it.

      Even if you don’t though I thank you for keeping up the development on this mod.

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      Check FAQ. Ben has said no.

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      Alright, after some heavy research and speaking with mod devs that do post their mods on curse, I can see why Ben wouldn’t want the mods on the site.

      Apparently, mods with 66 million downloads barely make 40$ per month. Compared to what he probably makes with this site and it’s “integrated” ads.

      Perhaps to get the best of both worlds, a curseforge page could have “delayed” versions and only allow older versions to be downloaded for modpacks and from curse, and the newer versions for standalone play downloaded from this site.

      That way more people can see the mod and still know it is being updated even after so many years, but the newest versions are only available through this site. Just an idea!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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