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      What happened to the chaos server? I kinda miss it. It was like, by far the best server ever.

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      The DB Chaos Server was shutdown on March of 2023.

      My Discord Announcement about the Server Shutdown:
      “The Dragon Block Chaos Minecraft Server has had a nice long run.
      Admins Louis/Xonin, LittleNasty and Stolz and Staff members have put a lot of time and effort into providing content to the Players.
      But sadly the time has come to make the Announcement that the server will be shutting down permanently on March 24 (UTC +1).

      Throughout these Years the Server has received enough financial support to keep itself going, but that has slowly decreased as time went on, making Chaos no longer able to stand on its own feet.
      After this I have realized that even if the Server would still continue to receive enough support I would still choose to shut it down.
      The server in its current state would require me to give it a lot of time and effort, which I want to invest in other projects instead, so this decision is now permanent.

      The Server will continue to run for 30 days before shutting down.
      The Chaos Discord Server will also be Deleted after the Minecraft server.

      After the final shutdown I will download a complete backup of the Server. This will not be made public for now, but I may consider releasing it in the future.”

Viewing 1 reply thread
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