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      So im trying to play Dragon block c and theres a huge bug that makes all entities black and corrupts block models etc,you should know the bug,anyway ive heard that modders dont actually plan on fixing the mod but there are a few daring fixes that lets you play it but at the cost of the version/adding things in your program files or what im trying to accomplish “downgrading my drivers”,obviously im very wary of this as it sounds like its something i really shouldnt be doing to my pc at all but ive just wanted to play this mod since i was a kid and now i have the chance but im having many issues.Im hoping somebody on here can talk me through the process of downgrading my drivers to hopefully make the mod work,btw im on windows.So yes i guess my question is can One of you help me out with downgrading my drivers? Please and Thank you.

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      the same thing has been happening to me i would also want to know what to do

Viewing 1 reply thread
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