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      1. A quality of life mod that adds Furniture and with it an uodate to the current Structures and adds new structures / Biomes.
      (Imagine a city biome inspired off of Dragon Ball where the buildings spawn randomly in their own personal biome like how certain types of trees spawn in they’re respective biomes.
      Also make King Kais planet a sphere that has it’s own gravity all the way around it instead of flat land.

      2. New food based off the show they’re from.

      3. More vehichles and mounts based off the showes.
      I also think it’d be cool to find tameable Dragons that look like Icarus.

      4. I also think it’d be cool to make the Great Apes and Shenron / Parungas models much bigger to make the more acurate.

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      I support it – it’s a good idea)

Viewing 1 reply thread
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