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      I am currently making a Dragon Block C Server, With Custom Quests Made By CustomNPC

      We Also Have a mod which adds new Transformations/forms. Like Ultra Ego (Destroyer.)

      Super Saiyan Rage

      Ultra Ego

      God KI.

      Full Power Super Saiyan Blue Forms:

      Full Power Super Saiyan Blue

      Super Saiyan Blue 2

      Super Saiyan Blue 3.

      Namek Healing For Namekians.

      And Now for the evil people

      Super Saiyan Rosé Forms:

      Super Saiyan Rosé

      Super Saiyan Rosé Grade 2.

      Super Saiyan Rosé 2

      Super Saiyan Rosé 3

      Demonic Ki For Evil People.

      (The only form which needs you to have a certain alignment like good, neutral, evil is Demonic KI. You need to be evil to use it or else you will lose 10% Of Your Stats Permanently.

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      Android Race

      Majin Race

      Legendary Saiyan Race

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      https://discord.gg/VW3MHNyN Discord server includes the modpack and IP.

      Just ask the owner and i will open it.

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      discord invite doesn’t work, could you renew and it make it permanent? there’s an option so it never runs out

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      You can say all this and not have a working discord link.

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