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  1. Can I use your mod(s) in my mod pack?
  2. How to degrade java 8 to java 7?
  3. Will the mods be released to Bedrock Edition, Pocket Edition, or Windows 10 Edition?
  4. Will the mods be updated to a newer version of forge?
  5. Will the mods be added to CurseForge?
  6. Are u going to add…?
  7. I have idea about…. Can you make it?
  8. When is the next update released?
  9. Why was Frieza’s race named Arcosians?
  10. My game crashed. What do I do?
  11. Can I contribute or help with the mods, or other projects?


Q: Can I use your mod(s) in my mod pack?

A: Yes. Our website gives us support for creating content as we want to work on these projects as much as possible. Mod packs generally just take that away, but we completely understand if you decide to make them.


Q: How to degrade java 8 to java 7?

A: Follow these instructions on this page: http://main.jingames.net/how-to-install-java-1-7/


Q: Will the mods be released to Bedrock edition, Pocket Edition, or Windows 10 Edition?

A: No. Minecraft Java Edition is the only version that has proper Modding support, which is only available for PC.


Q: Will the mods be updated to a newer version of forge?

A: 1.7.10 has been dead for a long time, we are aware of that, but that alone is not a reason for us to update.
We do want to and plan to update at some point, but that isn’t guaranteed because it just isn’t as worth it as some might think.

Short Answer: Maybe. We want to, but the mods are too big, so it could take even more than a Year, which we don’t want to spend on Only updating them.

Long Answer:

How long would it take?
To update the mods we would need learn how to mod in the new version, then we would need to re-design, re-plan, and re-code the whole mod from scratch, because the current version would take just as long to update as re-writing it, and since it is poorly written I will avoid simply updating what we already have.
Therefore an update could take many months, or even a year to have a decent version released. That is a long time, in which I won’t have any time to work on other things.

What version would the update be?
Most likely the latest Forge version at that time, not 1.12.2.
Since 1.12.2, 1.13, and the versions after that made big changes to Forge and minecraft we would need to re-write the whole mod again and again to update. And by the time I would release a new update 1.12 would also become more and more dead, and it would require another rewrite to update the mods.

Would it be worth it to update?
For players, yes. For us, not 100%.
The Anime mods JinGames made aren’t owned by us completely. We don’t own for example Dragon Ball, which could lead to potential future problems for us which isn’t a problem for players (besides for example not receiving more updates for the mods), but naturally isn’t good for us.
The Mods don’t provide much financial support for us. If we were to update the forge version of the mods that wouldn’t change either, mainly because of Mod packs, but I won’t complain about them because that is an essential part of modding.

And for me as a creator I would like to also work on other projects, not just modding. I continued working on the projects, because I kind of felt like it was a must, but this isn’t what I wanted to work on in the past, and that hasn’t changed since then.
There are also other creators who also started to work on their Dragon Ball mods, so I doubt that the community would ever vanish without me, they would just move away.

I would prefer working on my own original projects rather than anime mods, but that doesn’t mean that I want to see them fail. I just no longer desire to ever succeed with mods like these.

All in all, updating is worth it for the community, but for us/me as a creator it sadly has too many downsides to just go with it. I have ideas on when that would be possible, but that time isn’t here yet.


Q: Will the mods be added to CurseForge?

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A: They are uploaded. Check https://www.curseforge.com/members/nagybenjamin97/projects to see our projects.


Q: Are u going to add…?

A: Was it in the Dragon Ball series? Then it is on our to-do list, but that is far more than 30 pages long on content that has yet to be implemented.
All we ask from suggestions is to please add extra information on how the feature would work rather than simply asking for it to be added.


Q: I have idea about…. Can you make it?

A: We have many pages of ideas and plans with me on what to do with the Mods. Our goal is to add as many as possible, but naturally not all of them get added, it depends on quality, balance, and importance.


Q: When is the next the next update released?

A: Release Dates can be found under the “Next Planned Updates” Widget (found on the right side of this website below the Login Box).
If there isn’t anything written there, then there is no release date yet.


Q: Why was Frieza’s race named Arcosians?

A: “Frieza’s race” sounded to us like a bad name for a race, so instead they received another one that matched them a bit more with their Cold style naming system.


Q: My Game crashed. What do I do?

A: Check the most common crashes down below if one of them might be what you encountered as well.
If not then all crashes generate a Crash Report found in your game’s folder’s crash-report” folder. Send it to us either on our Forums or on Discord, and then we or the community analyze what the source of the problem might be.

These are some of the most common crashes:

  • java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
    • Try to change your Minecraft Render Distance Setting to anything else.
  • Already decorating
    • This is an old bug that we haven’t managed to fix yet sadly. In most cases you will need to create a new world.
  • Error: Java.lang.NoSuchFieldError – OR – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
    • You have one mod that is incompatible with the JinGames mod build you have installed.
      Check if your JRMCore, JBRA, and other JinGames mods are from the same build.
      If your game still crashes, then you have another mod that is no longer compatible with the JinGames mod build you have installed.


Q: Can I contribute or help with the mods, or other projects?

A: That is hard to answer. Working together with others can sometimes be less efficient, so if you are really interested in helping us and you have some experience in whatever you want to work on then feel free to Message us, and we can talk about it.

Please note that we get a lot of messages so it might take a while before we can answer.

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