DevBlog 20w20 – Next mod update – Wave and Jutsu improvements

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Yo everyone

Small status update:

I’ve taken a small break from modding, but I’ve been planning and working on a new game instead which is not about an already existing anime, but about my own story. I know that that isn’t something a lot of people here would be interested in, but it is what I always wanted to work on.

I was also planning to make a “How to install DBC” and “How to make a DBC server” video, but a few download sites regarding those were down at that moment and I haven’t managed to edit the JinGames Wiki pages without using Jin’s profile so I just went with the game programming instead.

Next mod update

It’s planned to be the second part of the Naruto Jutsu update to at least slightly improve them, AND also add a continuous Jutsu firing type, which then could also be used to hopefully rework the DBC Wave attacks. Naturally it will also come with small changes and bug fixes.

After that I want to work on Complete Ultra instinct, adding multiple levels for it, and configs for servers to customize how it would work for example the health % requirement for each stage.

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I haven’t gotten into Any of this yet, so I am not sure how well it will go, but I’ll do my best. They might take a while to be finished though.

Stay safe Gamers!

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One Response to DevBlog 20w20 – Next mod update – Wave and Jutsu improvements

  1. Oscurum says:

    I’ll be waiting for your original game.

    Keep up the good work! ^^

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