DevBlog 19w49 – Next update

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a DevBlog (do Status updates count?) so let’s get in to it. Let’s answer the most wanted question “when is the next update released”. Sadly I don’t have a fix answer to that, but an answer like that is kind of a let down, so I will just say that I plan to release it sometime this year, most likely around the middle or end of december.

This update is getting done far slower than I expected it to be. I did take a little break, but that is not the main reason for this, but just simply me constantly working on things I haven’t worked on, so it’s just a lot of learning still sadly, and getting near 2020 brings a few changes to law I have to learn about.

I plan to do a few new YouTube videos like for example “how to install DBC”, because our current ones are kind of outdated, and I plan to make a little guide video on how to play and basics for the mods, and maybe even a video on what I’m adding to new updates to spare you the time reading it.

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Alright alright, but what is in the next update if it’s going to be split into multiple parts? you might ask.. well it’s going to be more customization options for client settings, bug fixes, texture changes, few new aura particles (that of course can be turned off in the JRMCore client settings), 2 new Jutsus for Naruto C and the new Rasengan. Chidori and Fireball that were shown in a previous Status update spoiler video.. yeah those few Naruto C additions took far more time planning out than I though so it isn’t really a big Naruto update… sorry.
These are only the things I can already say with confidence that they are going to be in it, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be anymore added to it.

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  1. Velthar says:

    Do not fret about few content additions, we still look forward to every minor thing. Much love and keep up the great work!

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