DBC Jins update – 19w26

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Hello everyone!

This is a small Dragon Block C update.
I planned to release a more bigger one, but I had to cut out a few things, because they were not fully functional.

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Dragon Block C release version 1.4.61:

  • ADDED: NPC Jins Avatar
    • Spawns in Heaven at King Kais place
  • ADDED: Particle effects for Saiyans God forms
  • ADDED: ARMOR & CLOTHING list from the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie:
    • Broly Armor
    • Paragus Armor
    • Cheelai Armor
    • Lemon Armor
    • Gokus Jacket
    • Vegetas Jacket
  • CHANGED: Aura lightning is now slightly randomized in size
  • CHANGED: Aura now constantly changes its size slightly
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13 Responses to DBC Jins update – 19w26

  1. Lord Frieza says:

    yooo gj dude
    Epic gamer moment right here

  2. oh baby, here we go again <3

  3. TheDJMuffin says:

    Hey Ben, Great job with dedication and i’m sure the mod is great but I seem to be crashing when I have all three dbc mods

    • JinGames_Ben says:

      Thank you for the support, and letting us know about a new crash! 🙂
      I can try and fix it in a future update if you send me your full crash log.
      You can find me on discord (NagyBenjámin#5311).

  4. TheDJMuffin says:

    It crashes with java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException

  5. Brandon E says:

    An amazing start. I can’t wait for more to come! ^_^

  6. benmesbah says:

    juste for
    ADDED: NPC Jins Avatar
    Spawns in Heaven at King Kais place
    dude <3<3<3<3<3<3

  7. man, this update is incredible. I hope that in the next update comes the Mastered Ultra Instinct

  8. dude says:

    hey benjamin were is the gloria on jin? think he should have one if possible to add.

  9. Update at your own pace Ben, thank you for the dedication.

  10. Rok says:

    I am aboslutely stunned. The details on the forms and the new armours is amazing! You’re doing a fantastic job!

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