Updates Released – 17w44

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
(finally these updates are released too)

I see the new mod announcement received cold and warm but more cold for obvious reasons.
The cold welcome wasn’t a surprise but I’m happy to see that many would like to give it a try 😀
If I wasn’t clear about it, it wont be like yugioh or any other existing card game, but it wont be unique either.
I’m making my own card game mechanism in it, and in the beginning I will use DB for the first cards but they will be more like example cards.

Anyway about the update
Probably unstable so I will do quick fixes asap if there are any grave issues.
There are again new friendly NPC added, but yet again they are more like place holder for the future stuff.
The new scrolling function is something I hope many will like and hopefully it will also work XD
About the stuff I didn’t explain, i will in a day or two… 😛

Test the mods and send some feedback on it, because I need em! O_O

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Have fun ^^


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Dragon Block C release version 1.4.43

  • FIXED – players could upgrade skills while fused
  • Changed – friendly NPC – Vegeta received the better hair model
  • ADDED – new friendly NPC – Gohan
  • ADDED – new friendly NPC – Future Trunks
  • ADDED – new opponent NPC – Beerus
  • ADDED – new scrolling function – for wish screen
  • ADDED – new experimental saiyan form SS4 – an universal hair is used like for SS3 – the hair is borrowed from the HairSalon site, it is the top one. Dave Steel Thank You!
  • ADDED – new config DBGT – by default its true, and atm its only function is to disable SS4 
  • ADDED – new skill – defense penetration – the opponent’s defense will be ignored a percentage but the same percentage for the damage will always be dealt minimum. From 1% to a maximum of 10%  (mobs use this by default maxed, atm not configurable)

JRMCore release version 1.3.3

  • FIXED – Mind Requirement issue for DBC race or NC clan skills when they are still lvl 1 (hopefully it works now)
  • FIXED – passive defense issue when ki release was not on 100%
  • ADDED – new scrolling function – currently used by: News, Skills, (DBC’s wish screen) and Mission System (you can now have as much description and reward button as the minecraft can hadle)
  • ADDED – for Skills screen – confirmation need for deleting skills
  • ADDED – Experimental death message for players (atm it is not configurable so can’t be turned off, I need feedback on it if it works right or not)
  • ADDED – new config – Clan Skill Hyuuga – Energy Damage percentage

Naruto C release version 0.7.3

  • ADDED – Mind requirement info added to the Learn menu
  • ADDED – new experimental special jutsu selector on the right side,
    • it uses the bloodline limit activation key to activate the selected special jutsu, including the bloodline limit.
    • As for selecting it works the same way as the DBC one, but only shows 1 icon at a time.

JBRA release version 1.6.26

  • ADDED – Compatibility with new changes in build 1.81
click here to go to the Download site


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73 Responses to Updates Released – 17w44

  1. Hirolka says:

    You know, I’m actually really glad that you added the need to confirm that you want to delete a Skill.

    Like, I’m sure everyone at a point when they started out just deleted Fly or whatever because they didn’t know what the button did.

    But I’m pretty excited about what this new form is… So much that I’m not even gonna mention that it’s another Saiyan one!

  2. Abelatox says:

    Awesome 😀 the scroll is awesome and the other thing… 😀

  3. Airswift101 says:

    SSJ4 IS AWESOME!!!! just look up transform 3 times Boom!

  4. Black says:

    My oh my…. I wouldnt think I’d see it until G3 hairs came along, looks good Jin, solid effort!

  5. DragonCrisis says:

    Currently, I wish there was a way to change the colour of your tail, But Right now, Aweosme Job man!! Then only problem i have with it, is that You chest will look like your Default MC Skin for those who dont use Body skins and such, If you could change the texture for the chest to look like bare skin that would be Epic!, Thanks 😛 Good job again man

  6. DragonCrisis says:

    Currently, I wish there was a way to change the colour of your tail, But Right now, Aweosme Job man!! Then only problem i have with it, is that You chest will look like your Default MC Skin for those who dont use Body skins and such, If you could change the texture for the chest to look like normal skin that would be Epic!, Thanks 😛 Good job again man

  7. Meliodas says:

    So it would be great if SSJ4 colors were configurable in the character creation with various option of red for Saiyan and Half Saiyans and no other color besides. Currently, SSJ4 for Saiyans is just brown. Beerus needs an ear too though and I like the confirmation for deleting a skill. Could be better but given the time, good job though, Jin.

  8. kev_spyro says:

    Hey Jin i really like that you made it with the update (didn’t figure out how to go ssj4 tho o.o) but i found a bug where when you get the new skill on a server and you upgrade it it kicks you and says: “a fatal error occured”
    at least something like that could you fix it maybe? ;D

    • Tinix says:

      you can go SSJ4 by goin first oozaru, then golden oozaru, and finally SSJ4. After that the you can trasnform automatically into SSJ4 in the “action menu”. Hope this helps.

  9. for as long as ive waited for this i dont feel its worth downloading the mod to see the “experiemtnal form”. what is up with the npc you keep adding its like youve just ran out of ideas and you just want to add more stuff the list so it looks like you did something for dbc when you barley do anything. you said in discord ssj4 has been done for the most part and what took you so long was the hair….. yeah okay

  10. KingToryg says:

    wheres the card mod? T_T

  11. Dragonmatic says:

    Hello Jin seeing that you are taking feedback for the mod here are my toughts about it:
    This update to DBC is great, I like the way you unlock SSJ4, just wished the default color for full saiyans was red instead of brown, the Beerus model needs a bit more work to it, maybe add a snout but over all it is a nice update.
    Now about some other stuff from previous updates.
    The mind system is a nice touch but I think people should be allowed to completely disable it in the configs and not need mind points to upgrade skills.I’ve noticed also that the mystic transformation is bond to the SSJ3 multiplier with it not being able to be edited seperetly without changing SSJ3, not only that but when people have super kaioken enabled in the configs mystic is the only transformation that can’t have kaioken stacked on top of it which leaves the form in a disadvantage for everyone else that can go SSJ3+kaioken.

    Thank you for taking the time to read ny toughts about the mod!

  12. Zero says:

    So to go ssj4 you need to be golden ape I take it?

  13. hrayr says:

    hey guy how can i go susanoo i think jin changed it

  14. Wolf says:

    Hello Jin, I found a bug, if you have the stats to more than 5244, the ki attacks are made the size of one block

  15. hi Jin, i wanted just to say that you are always the best and why not add a transform back thing? like gold ctrl and them press h to transform back to a reverse form . that was confusing ik XD.

    Like you are ssblue and if you hold ctrl and press h you go back to ssgod

  16. Ryal says:

    When is Super Saiyan 4

  17. Wilthos says:

    When is Super Saiyan 5

  18. Ryal says:

    But Super Saiyan 4 hasn’t come out yet.

  19. Mitohan says:

    Are there still stupid fucks saying where ssj4 without even trying the mod? If I facepalmed any harder my hand would be in my skull

    Gonna play around with the mod tomorrow

  20. Voxelity says:

    If you’re wondering what the new form is It’s SSJ4 it’s self explanitory if you’ve watched GT you go Great Ape then Golden Ape and then Transform again to become SSJ4

  21. Aleem says:

    The main problem regarding the content provided is the lack of informative updates given. I have zero qualms with waiting for updates monthly. What I do have a problem with, however, is receiving something completely unexpected and unnecessary without any warning. It’s quite a stab when you return from 4 weeks of absence to reveal your work on a new non-functioning mod and… a scroll feature? Honestly, this could’ve (and should’ve) been done in a week. Don’t get it twisted, however. That is not my issue. My issue is the fact that nobody was told, nor was anyone aware of what was going on. If you’re not going to update your mods weekly, at least inform us. “Hey, I was super busy this week” or “I decided to try out a new mod” each week is better than “Here’s what I did after 4 weeks. I hope you like it” every month. Let me reiterate: it is not the lack of content that angers me; it’s the lack of communication.

  22. Zero says:

    People don’t seem to understand how to go ssj4. First you need to get the transformation skill to level 7. Then you use powerball to make a moon or look at a moon at night and go ape. Then you go golden ape by holding G then hold G like you did to go golden ape to go ssj4.

    Once you become a ssj4 you can hold X and make it that you can turn ssj4 right off the bat instead of going threw the process of going ape, golden ape and then ssj4. Hope that helps.

  23. DragonCrisis says:

    Im reading alot of comments about The Default Fur Colour of SSJ4, And the cause for this is the Colour of Your tail, If its by default Brown then your goingto have Brown Fur, Well thats for Full Blooded Saiyans, Unlike Half Saiyans Having access to Change Tail and Hair colour. I just thought i’d put that out there for people who dont know :/ 😛

  24. Wilthos says:

    tfw people don’t realize that Ryal and I were joking

  25. it stays that way all the time

  26. dude says:

    there are so many who does’nt know how to go ssj4. didn’t they watch gt ? whats the meaning of knowing about a form withouth knowing where from.

    plz agree with me IF that made any sense at all =)

    • to be fair, gt is considered the black sheep of the whole dragon ball franchise.
      it definitely is the weakest of the four series. though it does still have cool things about it… namely it remembered goku was a monkey and brought back great apes which tie into super saiyan 4.

      personally, if anything from gt could be salvaged into super, it would have to be the great ape forms. i mean, it makes SENSE for something like super saiyan 4 to exist in the canon timeline. mixing the power of a super saiyan with that of the great ape.

      i am not saying super should EXACTLY copy super saiyan 4, but it should find some way to harken back to the days when goku had a tail and said tail unlocks a new form for him. if not goku, then vegeta definitely. as he has full control of himself while a great ape.

  27. Kreeds says:

    Yes! Finally! Super Saiyan 4! Thank’s Jin. It’s amazing. But you right it’s experement. Cuz hair same for all and Fur Brown. Whatever. You can make it Red in the future. Very cool, bro. Keep it up. =)

    • Ken says:

      But some people want customizable hair color

      • DeathKey says:

        You can change both the Hair Colour and the Fur Colour by being Half-Saiyan

        If you have Blue Hair in base, and a Red Tail, SS4 will have Blue Hair with a Red Chest

        • Great update!
          the only things i’d say i’d wish for for the super saiyan 4 form are minor.
          1. the hairstyle. it should be customizable with g3 hairs. simply put, the other super saiyan 4s introduced all have different hairstyles. and also the chest fur should be red.
          2. the clothing. we need gt-era clothing for it to make the MOST sense to be transformed. (gt-era goku, vegeta, and gohan clothing. broly and gogeta are fine.)
          3. probably most importantly. a way to access ssj4 at will by ascending from ssj3 after accessing the form once. you MUST have your tail still though.

          but, as was stated, it is in its early phases. still a neat addition and one everyone here (myself included, though i might notve seemed like it) are greatful for its addition.

          now people can shaddap about it.

  28. Ken says:

    Jin now that you’ve given people their ssj4 and ssg you can now focus more on Naruto C like jutsu’s and more clans but don’t start on the Naruto C story until you finish DBC

  29. Ren11 says:

    Jin that you create a system to create our own transformation that serves to create both transformations as ssj as techniques like kaioken we could choose the hairstyle too, and it would be good if we could teach for other players, could also add a new species of crafting table to create clothes to our taste by joining different wool with the warenai fabric I think would be cool.
    You could also add another type of crafting table that was to create weapons in our own way and just as the clothes we could put damage and durability, color and materials.

  30. DeathKey says:

    So, I’ve been waiting for SS4 for a while now and yet I haven’t really asked for it.

    Now that I’ve gotten it, I’m actually in love with the transformation..

    One thing I like about it is if you lose your tail you also lose the transformation completely until you regrow it.

    As for the update overall I think it’s pretty decent, not a whole lot of content but SS4’s hair design probably took a while to create.
    As for Def Penetrate I think it’s really cool to have (Especially if you have Ki Fist along side it)

    I do believe this should have been done a bit faster just due to the lack of content.. But still as I am not a coder I don’t know how hard you work.

    One thing I’d say you need to get better at is news updates, like maybe in the middle of the month you give us an update on the progress? Even better would be every week but I think that’s asking too much of you, but a news update mid-month would be nice

    Thanks for developing Jin, keep up the good work!

  31. farid422 says:

    Awesome jin! i also was kinda hoping for Majin to come out

  32. EthanGold60 says:

    I simply thought that the trading card game mod should allow people to integrate their own rules, boards, etc. Like people can make the card game Yu-Gi-OH! if they wanted, or another server could make a Pokemon trading card game style. Like maybe there could be a studio on this website for everyone to make their own rules, cards, even existing trading card games for them to use in the mod. It just seems like a good opportunity for a single mod to boast many different kinds of trading card games for everyone universally to enjoy in the blocky world known as Minecraft.

  33. mreman says:

    Now we just need is barrage ki attacks. I think I might be the only one that remembered this

  34. Aron Roa says:

    I generated a new world and noticed that there was a level 7 on Super form. but when i maxed it out and transformed, i went from base to God form without having God skill from King kai. what?

  35. Skeptical says:

    Hey guys. I just drew Goku Ultra Instinct, who wants to see, just go to my deviantart. I see an update of SSJ. Cool to hear again from Jin. Glad that he finally expands his hobby into whatever he wants, without having the fear of being criticised. I completely support your decision of making a new mod and I fully understand the entire meaning of your mods in this community.
    Of course, rambling isn’t too interesting from my side, so I shall go now. Bye!

  36. mreman says:

    Whenever I enter the hyperbolic time chamber. The game crashes

  37. Kreeds says:

    Still subarashii mod Jin. But can you do one thing? I know alot of ppl who don’t like new mind system. So…Maybe you add function in configs to turn it off? Pls?

  38. Mitohan says:

    apparently ssj4 has a higher multiplier than the god forms?

    gonna log in now (finally) and see if that is true, if so that needs to be fixed

  39. superciano06 says:

    Is there possibly a way to make it a nonuniversal hairstyle?

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