Updates – 17w15

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Well it took a while, and as usual I will await the bug/crash report.
I hope there wont be any grave issue.

I forgot to mention an important thing.
This release might be resource demanding and 1 GB ram might not be enough. However 2 GB should be enough to run the mods.
I will prepare an option where it will work like in this release in the config.
Anyway it is resource demanding because of me trying to fix the lag issue,
where the mods preload some data.

Next update I’m not sure yet when will be, but I really want to work on Naruto C a bit more next time.

For Easters I wont be home so in that time I wont be able to work on mods probably or on anything.
Anyway I will try to get back to work asap.
There is still A LOT to do…

Be cool guys, and Happy Easter



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JRMCore release version 1.2.36
+ ADDED – A degree of client-server experimental compatibility – if client has one of my mods that the server don’t, then client will try to not use those my mods.
+ ADDED – DBC Char Sheet – form name color changes to purple if the person is fused!
+ ADDED – Command jrmccheck – shows now character level too
+ ADDED – New Command – “/jrmcrepair [playername]” it will basically repair all armors equiped, including the extra slot items too.
+ FIXED – Visuals – F1 now hides all guis
+ FIXED – RPG Core System – Defense works now as it should, probably (might have impact on servers a little)

Naruto C release version 0.6.0
+ ADDED – client-server experimental compatibility
+ FIXED – Some crashes
+ Changed – Outfit Items – All outfits are now thiner again, but the current outfits will disappear from the world!
+ FIXED – Attribute limit compatibility! – jutsu attacks not working, dealing 1 dmg

JBRA release version 1.6.19
+ FIXED – A rare crash with family c

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DBC release version 1.4.31
+ ADDED – client-server experimental compatibility
+ ADDED – Outfit Items – 12 new sets (33 new outfit items)
+ ADDED – New Weight Item – atm received from Kami
+ ADDED – Weight Items – now receive damage and can break
+ ADDED – Weight Items – 2 weights have now damaged textures
+ ADDED – Outfit Items – the capes are now animated for outfits that have one
+ ADDED – Outfit Items – missing damaged look for some outfits
+ ADDED – Outfit Items – repair recipes, except battle armors, all outfits can be repaired 3 wools. Red-Green-Blue colored wools OR Magneta-Cyan-Yellow wools.
+ Changed – Outfit Items – minor change to damaged outfits overall
+ Changed – Command dbcskill – you can now add or set levels dbcskill command. +1 will give 1 lvl, -1 will take 1 lvl and only 1 will set it to lvl 1. “/dbcskill givelvl (skillName) (lvl 1-10) [playerName]”
+ FIXED – Skill KiSense – lagg when many opponents
+ FIXED – Skill KiSense – lagg when opponent with high hp
+ FIXED – Skill System – while fused you could learn skills (you was not supposed to)
+ FIXED – Extra Slots – Body slot and Head slot items wouldnt drop

Family C release version 1.2.15
+ ADDED – client-server experimental compatibility

Years C release version 1.2.3
+ ADDED – client-server experimental compatibility


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73 Responses to Updates – 17w15

  1. Finally An Update.
    -Good Jin I really liked the new Update! Thank you so

  2. Hey Jin The Mod Is Much More Too Heavy My Minecraft Is Not Enduring

  3. Hirolka says:

    Is it just me, or did all the outfits take a drastic step up in quality?
    Seriously, whoever did these did great work, even the new Weight is an awesome thing to wear for any occasion!

  4. But my computer does not hold what do I do?

  5. Or You Can Make A Post In The Forum For Me See How These Clothes Are?

  6. TheLeinhart says:

    I somewhat agree with Gabriel on the mod feeling a little “heavier” now. Since I updated it took my world longer to load up. Either way, great work with the mod.

  7. But Some People Will Feel This Weight On The Computer.
    Is Some People Will not Be able to play Dragon block C anymore because of this Heavy Update.

    plss make a forum the recipe

    plss make a forum for the recipe

  10. I Having trouble with minecraf, its said “minecraft has run out of memory

  11. mintrer says:

    Damn i didn’t expect this!
    Thought it would be a lame update but nope.
    Defense system and new weights? The only thing left to end this update and make it a huge success is a new weight training system.
    Great job, anyways

  12. Dragonmatic says:

    The Hercule armor is called Hercules (with an S)

  13. mintrer says:

    Wait, wait, nevermind. Defense is still shitty.
    Maybe it’s the way it’s supposed to work? Bc i had 32 defense and raditz deals 35 damage. So like the first time he hit me it dealt 3 damage, and i was like so excited and thought “Finally, now with the new defense configs and the fixes, it’s usef…” then he hit me again and dealt like 25 damage. I really don’t get this…

    I hope it’s not like a bar and it gets depleted as you get hit and protects you less, because right now it would make it so underpowered it’s sad

  14. Finn says:

    Jin I really liked the new update but you will add some new ssj # SSJ4 #LSSJ

    • …..it has been stated a thousand times. ssj4 and lssj are COMING. but they are low priority.
      you got brolys clothes. just use ssj grade 3. it’s basically what broly is a ripoff of. minus the speed decrease.

  15. How do I get my Minecraft to speak out of memory?

    • TheLeinhart says:

      Go to the forums, click questions and answers and look at my post on – My Minecraft Is Out Of Memory – In there I explain how to increase the amount of RAM you can use to make Minecraft run better. I would suggest anyone having memory issues go and check it out as well.

  16. there. he added the outfit. you broly fanboys happy now?

    • Mitohan says:

      No because they still want the weak ass form

      • tbh i don’t care if lssj is a thing in this mod or not. we have literally a million other things more deserving to be in the mod. if it gets in, fine. i ain’t complaining. but i’m not losing sleep over it not being in the mod. specially when we have brolys clothing and hair.
        broly is an overrated villain. and regardless of what his power was in the movie. there were literally a ton of villains since his movies. and by the time of super, broly, even in his “legendary” super saiyan form, would be a bloodstain on the floor with how buffed goku and vegeta got. he isn’t special any more. and his one thing being his grossly overpoweredness is now pretty much obsolete.

  17. TheLeinhart says:

    Thanks for the update on the memory issue with this update Jin! I really admire your work and wish I could contribute. Only way I know how is to let you know things about the mod. I would like to mention that the speed update you did feels wonky. Flying straight up and down is faster than actually moving forward which makes it kinda hard to do certain things like placing a block in the right spot. Also, flying feels much slower now. Before I could cover distance easily and now it feels like I’ve taken the scenic route on a mountain pass to just admire the beauty of the lands. Hopefully we can get a fix to this or a config for flight speed to raise it up either 50% more or 100% more on flight speed.

    • mintrer says:

      Use dynamic flying, trust me, i had the same issue and dynamic flying fixed it and made my flying experience… Fun, somehow.

      (To do it hold X and press the button that has on it :
      ” Flight – On simple “)

      • TheLeinhart says:

        Yeah, I already know about dynamic flying. Never really used it but I will try it out since you mentioned that. I didn’t think about trouble shooting it that way, just came here instead to hopefully get some kinda answer which I guess I did lol

        • mintrer says:

          okey, tell me if it fixed your problems man

          • TheLeinhart says:

            Nah, it didn’t change anything at all. Only difference is it’s easier to manage the supreme speed of using shift or space bar for ascending or descending. I swear, it’s like the speed was changed between flying straight for how fast we were able to fly up and down using space bar.

  18. Goku SSJW says:

    Jin PLS add SSJ4 SSJ5 and LSSJ

    • lssj and ssj4 are coming. they are low priority.
      ……as for the ssj5. seriously? if it isnt a form in any official media (game, anime, manga) don’t bother asking. the answer is always the same. NO.

      you have the broly outfit. go mess around in that.

  19. Skeptical says:

    *Cough* ESF Mod has ssj5, Gta SA has ssj5 goku, vegeta and gohan, lots of games have ssj5.

    • OFFICIAL dragon ball games, smartass.

      • Skeptical says:

        God, shut the hell up you fucking retard. I wasn’t trying to act smart, but now that you fucking want me to, then guess what you fucking idiot, there is no “official” dragon ball game, every game about dragon ball is made from different studio, whether it is indie or by a big company. Big company product =/= official product.

        • Lord Frieza says:

          1st. Watch your profanity.
          2nd. Those games are official but not ESF and other mods because they are fan made.
          3rd. Calm down!

          • Skeptical says:

            1st. God is used everyday as a word of frustration, and more
            2nd. Game about DBZ is a game about DBZ, there is no official game, just because it came from a big company, doesn’t mean that it’s official, it means that the game has a bigger team working behind it rather than the indie/”fan”made games. You don’t see DBXV following the main DBZ story line if you’re about that, nor is Broly cannon e.t.c.
            3rd. He pissed me off too much. Not to mention that I don’t have a nice life like you guys do, so suppressing my anger is 3x harder, ESPECIALLY when everyone likes his disrespectful reply, and dislike everything I say daily. I despise this filthy community. It’s full of assholes, there are exceptions, but in DBC servers, in here and everywhere else, there is that scumbag that just goes all retarded, and when I am angered by that , the entire group is suddenly pissed off at me.

          • Skeptical says:

            Like seriously, is that stupid idiot on his period? I just noticed how frankly he is on other replies.

          • Skeptical says:

            To be honest, at least in my eyes, he seems to be more asshole than I was in months!

          • mintrer says:

            Brony, maybe if you didn’t judge other people SO fucking much about them insulting you like once or twice, maybe everyone could take you a little bit more seriously.

            Dude, let me give you a piece of advise in the internet:
            Stop caring about what other people say.
            They don’t know you, and you don’t know them. Why are you so critical about their “insults”?
            They’ll probably never fucking meet you in real life. They don’t know anything about you. So take it easy, man.

          • and no. i’m not. i just am tired of seeing the same shit asked over and over.
            like. everywhere i go for this mod people ask

            “add ssj4!” or “add lssj!” then we get stupid shit like “add ssj 50 billion!!”

            it has been stated before. a billion times. and will be stated as much as it needs to. ssj4 and lssj are COMING. as for anything not in any official media. it isnt happening.

            and yes. official dragon ball media as in officially LICENSED media. as in, licensed by bandai namco who currently has the rights of dragon ball-related games.

            official media doesnt HAVE to be cannon but it HAS to be licensed by toei animation or bandai namco.

            and in ANYTHING licenesed by them. fan made transformations like ssj5+ arent a thing. this can change at a moments notice, but as IS it isn’t.

            i am only being mean about this as i am sick to death of coming on anywhere related to this mod and seeing the same requests over and over. .

    • Dragonmatic says:

      Fan games don’t count even if there is no ”official” game SSJ4 and LSSJ are still part of the anime material while SSJ5 isn’t so there will never be an SSJ5

      • Dragonmatic says:

        while SSJ5 is only fan made material**

        • and as harsh as i sound on the topic of people asking for the same things over and over, i LIKE this mod and i think jin does a fantastic job for being the one guy working on this mod. i just really… REALLY dislike how stupid this community can be.

          hell, i want more stuff that is from the original series. you know. when we didnt know goku was an alien and instead simply as a boy with a monkey tail?
          i love this mod to death, and i dont hate you brony. eh. i can seem a bit harsh but it is only really because i want some new requests and NOT the same questions asked over and over and over again.

  20. Avatar__Eddy says:

    Jin, Crimson. Not trying to be annoying, but I do hope that you guys update Naruto C more.

  21. AAA says:

    i went in worried about memory, but that was fine
    one problem though.

    i went into the char creator and as soon as i switched to saiyan, it said:

    A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated.

  22. jin im asking like not right now but soon can you try and put a android race at least because i love androids they are so lit and i was just asking if you can do that

  23. I cant run the game with 2ram with the new update can someone help me ?

    • Skeptical says:

      If your PC has 2GB (not minecraft, the PC) then I am afraid that you cannot run it. You still can buy more RAM sticks, on general budget they are not too expensive, and are useful. Sorry about that.

  24. Lord Frieza says:

    And arcosian PP is still useless…
    y tho?

  25. Skeptical says:

    Jin. Thanks for the update bro! I loved it. I can’t imagine how much it is to draw every single texture for so much armors, that must have taken HOURS! Not to mention you’ve got your life and all, that’s great work man. I am sad that the mod requires 2GB ram, as I have 3GB ram and the most I can give to Minecraft is 1.5 GB, unfortunately, but hey! My friend showed me the armors, and I am proud of your work. Keep it up if you can, man!

  26. Nic0 Gmr says:

    Hello jin , could you add somes things that i think make the mod better ? :
    – Colorable GodForm for every race , maybe with a button in the data sheet menu ?
    – An server config to enable the attack spamm again
    – The Barrage attack type
    Thanks ^^ (sorry for my bad english, i’m french.)

  27. Moi aussi je suis francais

  28. one thing i’d like is the ability to increase the cap of move points.
    …i want to make a spammable nuke that doesnt cost much and recharges fast.

    (yeah i dont care for balance, i can take down ender dragons with a single punch. i wanna have the ability to spam my saiyans signature move “apocalypse now”)
    the config can be server dependent….

  29. deaddraggz says:

    When will we see this mod for 1.10.2 and Up because i think with that update we could get a more realistic feeling to the mod #1.10.2

  30. Lord Frieza says:

    I don’t want to be harsh or anything but… seriously, arcosians are weak. I don’t think their stats are not even good. Arcosians get more dash speed but it’s nothing compared to saiyan flight oh and damage for saiyans is too much! Sure, arcosians get more HP (and stamina?) but it’s… low.

    Sorry for bad English…

    Take care!

    • Skeptical says:

      I am afraid ki power is very inconsistent. In DBZ, Vegeta shot Cui, who wasn’t too far from Vegeta’s power, yet fully destroyed. In majin vegeta vs goku fight, they were shooting ki blasts here and there. It SEEMS to be the same and stronger sometimes.

      • Zodiac says:

        That’s actually false :P. Vegeta was listed in the 18k range and Cui in the 18k-20k range. With the zenkai boost Vegeta gained after the battle with Goku on Earth, it shot Vegeta up to being far more powerful than Dodoria and matched up to Zarbon, who was far stronger than Cui. Majin Vegeta and SSJ2 Goku were an equal strength, causing their ki strength to be equal as well, making them useless if they clashed.

    • Zodiac says:

      Saiyans are a warrior race, and as such, I think their current damage is too high.

  31. Happy Fappy says:

    I am still waiting on barrage, or at least some ki attacks. ki attacks are hardly used or needed. You just beat someone to death faster then wasting time charging your attack full power. Yes even if you max it to level 10 🙁
    Only use for them are shooting weaker players and not killing them. I do not feel ki attacks have the same power in the series dbs or dbz

  32. Jingames my dragon block is crashing whenever I start when I activate my abilities

    • Skeptical says:

      Must be a mod incompability, try fully reinstalling your minecraft from fresh and get Forge 1614 (or 1558) and get your standard DBC mods, then slowly add up the mods you could have had. Don’t forget to bump up your RAM minecraft usage to 2GB, I believe it’s -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m (or just -Xms2G -Xmx2G, not sure if that’ll work though). But be careful, as you need at least 4GB of RAM, since it might lower your performance, ESPEEEICCAALLLYYY if you have got an integrated gpu that even shares memory with cpu, in that case I’d suggest 8GB of ram, but if it’s dedicated, then you should have no problem.

  33. one thing i will say we need is the option for gloves for more of the battle armors. i’m sick of there being no saiyan saga vegeta-type armor top (white armor with gloves)

  34. Mitohan says:

    I break my laptop then a big update comes out, fantastic

  35. Avatar__Eddy says:

    Will there be an update at all this week?

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