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Update & Status Info – 17w01

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Ki Technique update Phase 2 part 2

So a simple custom technique teaching has been added, for more check below for the rest of the new stuff.
I’m not sure on what next time will be added just yet, but I will do a post sometime the week about future updates.

About posts, minor change in future post titles.
From this post on I will use the same week info format that minecraft snapshots use, like for this it is 17w01 which means 2017 week 1.


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JRMCore release version
+ FIXED – Energy explosions not dealing the right amount damage
+ FIXED – Ki Technique – Wave type exp gain
+ ADDED – Ki Technique – Teach button (will change later cause this is not the master system, that comes later)
+ ADDED – New Safezone feature – buckets cant be used anymore within safezones
– Removed – Naruto C jutsu unlearn TP return (for the time being)

DBC release version
+ ADDED – For Gravity Device – gui to change gravity and it needs now fuel like a furnace till custom energy sources are added
+ ADDED – New Item – Medical Liquid Bucket (Thank Matu for preparing the code for me to implement)
+ Changed – Config – “Energy cost modifier” default value changed from 100% to 50%

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31 Responses to Update & Status Info – 17w01

    this looks really neat I’m liking this changelog

  2. I’ve wanted the medical fluid thing forever, and the gravity device needing fuel along with gravity being able to be changed? hell yes

  3. gabriel says:

    Naruto c ?
    Ohh its wesome li techniques

  4. Whats the button to teach ki moves????

  5. Aesliip says:

    woot another update thanks Jinn!!

  6. DEEZNUTZ says:

    please add lssj already and Brolys clothes too. I really want it to be released next week or very soon. I just love that badass form

  7. Plagearon says:

    Glad to see you got your computer working again Jin!

  8. I really like the whats new with the gravity machines!

  9. Jess says:

    We really need a revamp on the arcosians forms and namekians, but really still waiting for golden form 🙂

  10. Zero says:

    I have to agree with jess. Its time for the namekians, humans and arcosians to get a form/buff to combat super saiyan blue. Arcosians will be a bit tuff bc If I recall jin was saying he wanted to make “golden” form any color because frieza did say he made his form gold just to mock the saiyans or something like that.

    As for namekians and humans that will be easy. Just give them a flashy aura and a boost in bp and stats and boom there you go god boost.

  11. Jess says:

    When I said revamp, I meant more of a overhaul – making arcosians more customizable, each form more custom in appeal (like horns, ect). Well namekians would be cool if there we more custom features too!

    Yes, frieza chose the colour and form, as their race allows it somewhat. Which is pretty cool!

    Humans: give them a type of awakening boost. Like a transformation, like you would be transforming into a sayain (by holding “g”), but instead you dont get golden hair like a sayain, you receive a transparent aura effect, to mark the awaking and power (since you are only human).

    Namekians: The giant form boost, just add more dex since he will be a huge target. Not sure what else lol

  12. Nice job Jin with the update! I was just playing the update and found a bug. When i took the coal out of the gravity machine in single player (to test the update) it immediately crashed me. just wanted to share this bug .Later

  13. TravelerSoul says:

    Thanks for the update Jin, while I can’t test the update yet, I’m really hyped for it! Thanks for the hard work!

  14. Tyler Smith says:

    for real how does teaching work anybody know?

  15. OMGisGreen says:

    Ehm…. what about barrages?

  16. Ken says:

    Hey Jin, I have a few suggestions for you.

    -You can work on some new fighting animations for DBC
    -You can work on an energy gathering animation for ki blasts
    -You can start back up with the Naruto C project

    Seems that your work is piled up for you 😉

  17. Aesliip says:

    I agree with the above few statements, everyone now mainly just wants to be saiyan since they get god form and nothing else does, arcosians need the golden form mainly just to keep up with cannon, but human and namekian do need some way to attain god ki to be worth playing. Saiyan needs to stop being the “main course” if you get my drift.

  18. dude says:

    yeah im getting bored of seing only saiyans on servers and maybe 2 arcosians its realy boring

  19. yea jin ive loved this mod for so long and have had so many good times on it but the fact that saiyans are constantly the “spotlight” of the races is a bummer , like yes I know the’re the fan favourite but for the people who favor arcrosians , namekians and humans its getting boring for us , and I know your working hard and I pay you no heed but I think a lot of us would agree that giving the rest of the races a god form or boost would really spice things up and ultimately make the mod a whole lot more fun . thank you

  20. Jess says:

    The poll I had made, was to see what are peoples favorite race in dbz. Not really limiting to or influenced by the mod, games or anything else!

    So with some votes in, I see that people choose Saiyans on servers because they have more buffs, not meaning OP, but in the beginning stage for advantage. Like They can use the moon at anytime to give them a good enough buff to conquer quests or defeat a player. Even in a difficult server these buffs mean a lot!

    Now other races don’t really have these things (excluding Arcosians ki storage!)

    Ps: Surprisingly there are a little more votes on the aArcosian race!

  21. Khanh Truong says:

    SSJ4, ssj5 had no right

  22. OMGisGreen says:

    Namekians should have a faster ki regen

  23. Leo says:

    Jin when will you release dragon block c in 1.8

  24. Mitohan says:

    ^^ they should also be able to have 15% faster health regen

  25. OMGisGreen says:

    Jin please the barrages!

  26. Leo says:

    Jin when will you release dragon block c in 1.8 and when will you release ssj4. Can you release it on the next update. Plz. Thanks


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