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Update news – 17w07

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I didn’t have time to work on fusion cause of these new features but I will try to show something next week hopefully.
Till further notice I will only look more in to fusion next week, except for fixing.


Some more explanation about the new stuff:

For projectiles like arrows fired with a bow, they will receive 1% of the ki power as damage and will cost the same amount in ki energy as well. Basically ki will be infused automatically to projectiles.

NPCs received the kiai aura blast to make “cheaters” harder time to kill them. (who are actually just using the holes in the base Minecraft systems so i can hardly blame anyone)
So since its still hard to fight strong opponents if you are weak, but to get stronger you need to kill them to gain more TP, so its a hellish loop where “cheating” can help alot, even then its grinding, I know. But still minecraft it self has its flaws and in a way I try to fix them to give a more… competitive feeling? I think thats the closest word it comes to my mind.

With fly skill you can now change fly mode to “dynamic” when in that mode it will use the swoop functions. It is still not good with the speed but I will look in to it. Change fly mode in action menu. The “Simple” is the one that already was available.


click here to go to the Download site

Naruto C release version 0.5.18
+ FIXED – some crashes

JBRA release version 1.6.16
+ FIXED – issues with Naruto C

JRMCore release version 1.2.32
+ Changed – max attribute limit increased from 10,000 to 30,000
+ Changed – human and namekian racial skill – upgrade costs increased to match the other races costs
+ Changed – base constitution attribute increased from 20 to 25
+ Changed – base spirit attribute increased from 20 to 30
+ ADDED – change in transformation multiplier configs to include more details on which line is what transformation for. (older configs will be still there but not in use)
+ ADDED – mission system compatibility with Naruto C (still work in progress but should work to an extend)
+ ADDED – DBC: now ki is infused automatically to projectiles, like arrows fired with a bow. (later it will be a skill and switchable)
+ ADDED – DBC: for testing reasons players will receive reduced damage based on their transformations bonus power (on next release it probably will be configurable)

DBC release version 1.4.27
+ Changed – spacepod interface a little (background still needs change)
+ FIXED – current main missions that were supposed to be completed in overworld is now requirement
+ ADDED – for NPCs new technique – kiai aura blast technique (invisible force push) (this is a new type of ki attack that players will also receive later on)
+ ADDED – for skill fly – swoop-like animation for normal flying (switchable in action menu)


click here to go to the Download site


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32 Responses to Update news – 17w07

  1. I left an Idea on the forums, people go check it out and tell me what you think!

  2. When i try to get onto minecraft it says jinryuujrmccore: any but i have the core, idk what is happening

  3. JinRyuu says:

    maybe it became corrupt while downloading? try re downloading if you can.

  4. i did it a second time and it says the same thing

  5. fixed it, had to use the installer version

  6. jplion123 says:

    I installed the new ones but the new config stuff isn’t showing up.

  7. mreman says:

    This wasn’t much of an update.

  8. Xymgar says:

    The update seems pretty good!
    Can’t wait to test it out.

  9. Ryal says:

    Nice update Jin. I would like to have a request for the next update, though. Would you mind adding a config that allows the user to change the individual attributes max limit? For instance, I want to be able to make constitution a max of 1000 and dexterity 200. It would be greatly appreciated if you could do this. Thanks.

  10. leon says:

    Okay, So I know this would be hard to manage, But fighting animation is something I believe this Mod needs, DBZ is a fighting anime, so this mod should mirror that, When a character punches it shouldn’t just be one arm punching back, But Kicks,Spins,Punches, all the of the things that make DBZ stand out, Plus this would help with RolePlay purposes, I also think in the future it would be cool to see Ki blast animated also, When you fire a Ki blast, it should be shown powering up, The ki blast should be shown in your hand, Another thing would be to have Charging animations, Lastly a interesting feature would be a Custom character npc, The npc’s should have the abilities of dbz characters’ with Ki blast and fighting animations aswell, But you can add your own skins to them. I know your busy and all, But in the future I believe this could prolong the game playablity, Also Roleplaying could be easier and more life like, PLEASE, when you get a chance try adding this to the DBC mod….if possible. I also posted this in forms, But I wanted to make sure you saw it.

  11. This new update breaks ki attacks. Everything was fine before but now
    if a ki attack goes over 80k damage it just does nothing to any mobs or npcs or custom npcs.

    it was fine in the previous update, but this silly projectile infused ki thing broke regular ki attacks

  12. jplion123 says:

    @Leon That wouldn’t just be hard to manage, if he dropped everything now and started working on animations, it’d take MONTHS possibly even an ENTIRE YEAR just to get it to Decent level, if he tried to get it to “ERMERGERD DIS IS AMAZEMENT!” It’d no doubt take years, you do not know what your asking.

  13. Freeza_Cold says:

    @Leon I agree. I have a similar idea. Maybe Jin could make DBC with More Player Model’s add more model’s while fighting. Just my idea.

  14. Andrew Brui says:

    None of the projectiles in Flans mod are powered up with ki. You think you could fix this sometime later?

  15. jplion123 says:

    Whenever i try to join single player world it says “Shutting Down Internal Server” and whenever i try to join a DBC server it just crashes, does anyone have a fix for this? Also, there is no 1.7.10 folder in my mods folder, so if anyone has a fix for these 2 problems, please XD

  16. Im going to record on this server but I need someone to help show me some great places to take screen shots so i can post them

  17. Epsolon says:

    Jin when we change the transformation configs, it resets the configs to the default configs right after we restart the server again.

  18. Joshua Booth says:

    This update only!
    I have a problem that any ki attacks that do over a certain amount of damage end up hitting for 0.
    at around 2000 willpower i shoot a vanilla sheep or a dbc saibaman for like 200k damage and it reacts to being hit but takes 0 damage.

    Please fix!
    it worked perfectly fine before this most recent update.

  19. Joshua Booth says:

    i should mention doing a ki attack for 70,000 works fine but if the damage goes over that it does no damage instead

  20. FranticEcho says:

    Looks like a pretty good update but I can’t wait to try put my strength with 30,000 attributes 😀

  21. FranticEcho says:

    There are really only 3 major problems that I don’t like about the mod and I REALLY hope can get fixed. So Jin if you read this please think about this :). The first and biggest thing that I hope can be changed is when you first start the game, all your attributes are extremely high. The reason I really don’t like this is because you’re EXTREMELY OP as soon as you start. You can go all the way up to the Ginyu Force or Frieza without having to train and having no trouble fighting them. I miss when you first started the game and you started so weak that the normal Minecraft mobs gave you trouble. Also it messes power levels because you start with a power level of 5 even though all your stats are really high. So power levels are a lot lower than they should be.

    Next thing is how upgrading your attributes works. when you upgrade one attribute, the TP cost for ALL the other attributes goes up. The way it should work is if you upgrade one attribute, the price for ONLY THAT ATTRIBUTE should go up and the costs for all the other attributes should stay the same. For example, if the TP cost for all of your attributes is 5 and you upgrade strength and the TP cost for strength goes up to 6, the TP cost for all the other attributes should stay at 5. They should not go up to 6 also. This will not only make it easier to train, but it will also make it so it’s easier to upgrade one of your stats that you do not have that many points in and you want to get in more. If you have 100 points in strength and only 10 in Willpower. It’s going to cost the same to upgrade both of those attributes. It makes it much harder to upgrade a smaller attribute.

    The last thing thing I want to talk about is the stats that get upgraded when you transform. I’m not just talking about super saiyan. I’m talking about every transformation because they all upgrade the same stats. (keep in mind I’m talking about STATS now, not attributes. I’m not talking about Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Willpower, Mind, and Spirit. I’m mainly talking about Melee Damage, Defense, Body, stamina, Ki Power, Max Ki, Running, and Flying). Now the ATTRIBUTES that transformations upgrade is perfectly fine. The ATTRIBUTES that transformations upgrade is strength, dexterity, and willpower. It can’t upgrade the other 3 because those are what makes up your body, stamina, TP gain amount, skill limits, and how much ki you have. It wouldn’t really make any sense for transformations to upgrade those. You might be asking yourself “If the attributes are fine, what’s the problem” The problem is the STATS. The only stats that are upgraded when you transform are your melee damage, defense, and ki power. Now these stats are good stats to upgrade. They definitely should be upgraded when you transform. But what about the other stats that should be upgraded when you transform? What about running and flying? Also jumping should be upgraded even though it’s technically not a stat… It is a skill though. Unfortunately those stats aren’t upgraded when you transform but they definitely should be. I think when you transform you shouldn’t only be stronger and tougher, but you should also be faster and be able to jump higher. Those stats used to be upgraded but for some reason they aren’t anymore.Some people might be thinking “That’s what turbo mode is for.” Sure turbo mode upgrades those stats but don’t you think transforming should do that too? After all you transform to be better overall in all ways… Not just to be stronger and tougher, but also faster and more agile.

    So those are just the main things that I think should be fixed in the mod. If those 3 things are fixed then there honestly won’t be any big thing wrong with the mod AT ALL… to me anyway. Sorry if I lost anyone; I know it’s a lot of writing xD. Jin I really hope you read this and if you do please think about this because fixing these things will make the mod SO MUCH more fun and playable 🙂

  22. MrCinekPl says:

    Jin this is broken i cant save my configs

  23. Jin. As stated above, there is an issue with the transformation multiplier config. If you save the changes and start the game, it works as it should but when you exit the game, the multipliers resets to default (not all the configs in the file though).
    I hope it gets fixed soon. Good luck!

  24. mintrer says:

    Man, this was good. My only complain is that we still can’t configure starting attributes. Starting OP aint fun, tbh.

  25. Yo on MC servers the Multipliers Don’t work IS THERE A WAY TO SOLVE THIS?????????

  26. JinRyuu says:

    Tomorrow I will release a fix update based on feedbacks

  27. Tyler Smith says:

    Thanks Jin 🙂 this is my favorite mod btw

  28. kev_spyro says:

    So jin i wanted to change the config with the power increase but every time i save the config and start the game and then look at it its the old stats (i noticed it when i changed the config and started the game and saw: “Oh there is something missing” and wanted to change that too but then the config was resettet 🙁 please look what you can do)

  29. Fuckin'aDuck says:

    Jin with the fusion update you should add some more clothing such as the potara piercing a single and a full set plus some starter armor depending on race? saiyan/arcosion get battle armor namek/human cloth gi maybe down along the line when you add kid buu parts add the supreme kai world with a z-sword that acts as a weight. Plus with the whole config thing I noticed that as well Which sucks I prefer starting off with really low stats ;-; PLEASE FIX!

    You do not have to add anything you dont want these are my suggestions and what I would love to see(Plus maybe some broly related things hehheh) but anyway hoping you see this!

  30. 1.8 please 1.8 please 1.8 please 1.8 please


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