Update Finally YAY – 17w39

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Edited Oct 2
Quick fix #2 has been released for JRMC, DBC and NC!


This updates main feature is the new Mind Requirement feature and that there are no actual slot limits from now on the player skill list.
The ki attacks might follow this plan but that could take a year for me to get to ki attacks again, or sooner who knows.
Anyway Mind has now a function and I think with this it Mind wont be a “placeholder” anymore to an extend.

Every Skill has now a Mind Requirement and can be configured to an extend in the JRMCconfig.
You can also specify different Mind Requirements for each Skill level if you want to do so.

About the new NPCs they dont do much as of now.
The new opponent NPCs will wait till they get to be added to the story, thou there will be still a lot more to come.
And friendly NPCs, well they don’t have their own place yet but they will be needed soon enough so I have to prepare them.



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Quick fix updates (Oct 02)

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JRMCore release version 1.3.2

  • FIXED – “no mind available” message even thou there is enough

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.42

  • FIXED – tracksuit issue for those who had it
  • ADDED – new command function – “dbcskill give all” and “dbcskill givelvl all [amount]” (this command will always give skill regardless Mind Requirement!)

Naruto C release version 0.7.1

  • FIXED – serverside crash when loading

Naruto C release version 0.7.2

  • FIXED – server crash for kaiten
  • FIXED – in multiplayer ribcage not appearing
click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.41

  • FIXED – Ogres missing names in language files
  • Changed – NPC Ki attacks wont hit other NPCs anymore
  • Changed – some NPCs have changed skill sets to teach
  • ADDED – new friend npc – Piccolo (at Lookout)
  • ADDED – new friend npc – Vegeta (at Lookout)
  • ADDED – new opponent npcs – Zarbon – 2nd form (spawn command: /dbcspawn zarbon2)
  • ADDED – new opponent npcs – Golden Freeza  (spawn command: /dbcspawn freezagolden)

JRMCore release version 1.3.0

  • FIXED – 3 crashes (OutOfBounds and an IllegalArg and a NullPointer)
  • FIXED – Ki attack explosion issue (that caused lag for some servers)
  • FIXED – Command jrmca issue – when using “jrmca add” it has still the “short” limit
  • ADDED – for Command jrmca – a new format, to add a specific amount for every attribute “/jrmca add all (amount)”
  • ADDED – new Mind Requirement System with new player skill list core change! Every skill is configurable (old skill list will be converted to the new one)
  • ADDED – new command configs – “jrmcm – Notify admins”

JRMCore release version 1.3.1 (Quick fix)

  • FIXED – Mind Requirements network issue

Naruto C release version 0.7.0

  • ADDED – new Jutsu for Uchiha – Susanoo ribcage (basically a defense buff as of now) with a personal random color
  • ADDED – new Jutsu for Hyuuga – Hakkeshou Kaiten (still needs seals to perform jutsus for them Hyuugas)
  • ADDED – new command nccol – susanoo’s Random color can be changed with it  – Usage: ‘/nccol (susanoo) (random or HEXcolor) [playerName]’
  • ADDED – new Status Icons – for byakugan, sharingan, eight gates and susanoo (which uses the Kaioken one)


A Long Story of my current state aka whining

This might not mean anything to most of the community but if you are interested in my story (whining) about why I have hard time to do updates regularly, please bear with me. And yea probably it wont be worth your time to read this. XD

I know it took a lot of time to release this update, but there were good reasons.
You see the fact that modpacks kill my site traffic haven’t changed and its only becoming worse.
And that means the site is getting less traffic then it had 2 or even 3 years ago, yet the community grew alot…
The downloads from the official site is the only support I ask for the mod, and even thou modpacks are not allowed many still do it.
There are a few servers which are in a “modpack permission” agreement with me but even those agreements cant fill the lost traffic they generate.
And most of the modpacks that take away most traffic are servers.
So I’m actually tired of hearing that, yea servers make my mods more popular or modpacks…
Which is relative and I just see that I was lied to about it.
If getting more popular means I have to work more for less and less support, then I’m not sure on how long I’m able to work.
There were more people visiting years ago when there were less servers.
I can tell that there were 5 times more traffic back then, then now.
Which is really sad to see that I try my best and its not enough to make people download it legally, yet there are 5 times more people demanding stuff they want then when the traffic was 5 times more then now.
Look I tried to bring updates regularly, I tried to make lot of complex stuff that are still not finished just the core (one example is fusion), I tried not to bug servers and modpacks about the support loss they cause to me and to not ask from then anything.
I really tried.
But I have to do something.
I could continue coding, working on mods because of the site traffic that the downloads generated at first.
I have to do something because next year the site traffic might drop even lower if it follows this tendency, and because of that I will have even less time to code.
Everyone! I love coding, I would love to do this as long as I can, I have so much plans, ideas, projects I want to work on.
So many things that I would like to work on.
And don’t tell me that I should get some help XD
Its not modding/coding/texturing help that I need help in, its site traffic.
Help in, that people download my mods from my sites and not from somewhere else and without adblockers.
Help in, that servers with modpacks without agreement with me, ask for one (to help me develop my mods, that they use for their income…).
Right now these would be what could help me alot.
I already do countless all-nighters without much sleep just to try to finish the mod and site updates in more or less in time.

But I want to continue!
That’s why I tried to get in contact with servers and try to have an agreement with them the past months.
That’s why I had to work on my Websites.
Like JinGames has now some social features like PM-ing or friendship system and such, it was added in the hope to get more site traffic, but many disliked it or find it unnecessary (yea I know).
I also tried to upgrade the serverlist site so the moderation became faster then it was half year ago.
And I tried to work on my donation site system. (that the JinGames main server uses and btw that donation site system is actually by it self free to use, just need to get in contact with me about it.)
These site upgrade took many weeks to be made, thus the mod updates didn’t had enough time to be made with enough content (I had to reorganize the priority list countless times because I had to think about my future of continuing modding).
And because my donation site system has reached a point where it actually works how I imagined it, I was finally able to announce in my last post about that I will give help for some people who would like to try to run a server with my support.
I want to give a helping hand to people with no chance to start a server, and in hoping that the investment I’m making wont be in vain.
Doing this will and actually already does increase the time i have to spend on communication, thus again less modding time.

I just want you to know that its not an easy task that I signed up for I know but mark this, I’m only interested in game development mainly Minecraft modding.
If i wouldn’t have to bother with servers, modpacks and sites, development would be so much faster.

Another proof is that 3 years ago I didn’t had complex website systems, just basic ones.
Even adfly and shortest seems to be a joke now days compared to when I started without website.
And probably I will stop adfly and shortest links if everything would go the right way.

Now I just tried to explain my current situation, and to make some people understand why updates getting more and more late and with not enough content these past years.

I’m sorry that you had to put up with me but Thank You for reading all this whining and don’t forget, Stay Cool.

(There might be a second part of this story for those who are interested in my life.)


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152 Responses to Update Finally YAY – 17w39

  1. nice update. and yikes. all nighters? jin, i know you are a hard-working guy… but do try to get some sleep now and then, huh? last thing we want is the mod to actually affect your health.

    • they could add new fighting animations to be more insane to fight with friends in the multiplayer or to the zenkai of the saiyajins that would help a lot in the time of training with dummy or until beating in the air like goku did you have to do a cooler training to be better because who train more wins more tp the current training of the dragon block c is weak in my opniao nor so much tp so in the servers / and could add the form superior impulse of goku that can get through the spirit bomb that had in the special of 1 episode hour 109 and 110 !!!! Thanks Jingames and we are in this battle together

  2. mreman says:

    Finally! thank god those crashes have been removed! Those are the only ones I encounter that are always were the most annoying!

  3. dude says:

    if you keep staying up all night you might lose it. you need your rest for the amazing work you are doing. it sure is nice to know you do this work for us who wants it but rest for F****** sake.
    P.S take care =)

  4. dude says:

    P.S ik its op but and probably why its not in the mod but saiyans power/senkai boost wil it ever be a thing ??

    eh… whomever that knows the answer to that im pretty sure i know it myself but plz give it to me

  5. dude says:

    oh ye the site really loooks great now or i think the downloading bars are cooler then before at least thats a nive toutch to it XD

  6. Zodiac says:

    I’m not sure if its me, but I cant download the new core?

  7. sans390 says:

    me too, I can’t download

  8. elliotbarlby says:

    when are you going to be able to download the JRMcore again

  9. the downloads are fixed, and there is already a quick fix for jrmcore.
    sorry, i had to hold up the downloads so that trouble wont spread too much out.

  10. I do not understand how the system works mind

  11. Mitohan says:

    Not going to put all my ideas down but just this one today,

    Byakugan should have a detachable camera that lets you move freely (Like spectator mode) so you can look for about 100 blocks ahead of you because not gonna lie, that would get my friends to play again because they got bored of dbc and nc unfortunately ):

  12. Mint says:

    Ngl, I have no idea how the mind feature works. A small tutorial or something would be really great.

  13. InnocentEgg says:

    I’m having a major problem. My server will not start with the latest core and Naruto c. If I revert it starts fine, anyone able to help me out with this?

  14. InnocentEgg says:

    I’m having a major problem. My server wont start with the newest versions however it worked before.

  15. InnocentEgg says:

    o shit it sent
    I kept opening another tab with “Conflict” on it

  16. lautaro says:

    Thank you very much Jin, you are the best!!

  17. Kreeds says:

    Great update! Really like this mod. Btw maybe this is already mainstream, but when will the scarlet, beautiful and all-powerful Super Sayan 4 appear? We already have a golden oozaru, why not finish what you started? Many would like this

  18. Hirolka says:

    Have you ever considered starting a Patreon, Jin?

    I know a lot of the playerbase are kids without any kind of support they can actually give, but I’m sure there has to been at least one person who’d be willing to support you directly.

  19. StormSurge says:

    Idk if this is feasible, but is there a way to make your mod not able to work on servers without your permission?

  20. Jin, don’t sell yourself short.
    It isn’t “Whining” if you want to have a more comfortable day to day life.
    You dislike stress, and that’s a very normal thing to dislike.

    Now, there’s a bit of a problem regarding the website.

    If you go to this website, you see nothing regarding Donations.
    You see Contributions, but that sounds more like a Credits list, and it very well is.

    Add a new section of the website simply named “Donate”
    It would make visibility much better.

    Also, speaking of Contributions, perhaps you should keep an updated list of currently wanted models, textures, and builds.

    This way, people would know exactly what would help you, versus what would not.

    Sleep in favor of staying up. If you wish to stay up to code or do something, you can always sleep a bit later.

    If you don’t want to do something, and feel like sleeping, you should just sleep.
    You will have more productivity when you feel more comfortable and rested.

    If you’re delaying sleep in favor of trying to figure out something difficult, you should just go to bed.

    Your brain tries to solve problems while you sleep, use this to your advantage whenever you can.

    If you’re too restless thinking about a problem for you to fall asleep, you’re still making progress towards a solution, so there is very little penalty in attempting to rest.

  21. Jess says:

    Jin please link or start a patraen

  22. kirikigus says:

    Guess ur hard work was going well till the 1.3.0 in which u added a new mnd system. This system is so unfair with the new players, such as me. Im writting this cause i wanted to play this mod so hard but this “new system” only ruin our gameplay. Maybe for advanced players wont entail a difficulty cause they have tons of tps but for new players only shatters our progress. I hope u read this and think a lot about it, as i said u were going well til u added this, hope u change it back

    • Zodiac says:

      The new system only ruins your gameplay if you allow it to. With this new update, you can’t just pour points into str and con or willpower and spirit. You have to actually strategize what points to put where, and that’s why I like the update so much.

  23. Numcai says:

    I have no Idea how to use Susanoo or Hyuuga’s new technique… anyone know? e.e

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      That’s not enough information. What do you mean by ‘no idea’?

      I will explain it briefly.

      You must be a Uchiha to get Susanoo or a Hyuuga to use Kaiten obviously. To learn the techniques you go into the ‘Learn’ section with the techniques (Go to techniques and click next to get to the learn menu). Once you have learned one of the two techniques, you simply input the handseals (If you don’t know how to do it, just go into the controls settings and customise them to your liking) and then right click once you have typed the handseals.

      Kaiten is a spherical technique that hits all opponents that touch it, making you practically immune to melee combat whilst it is in use.

      Susanoo Ribcage is a technique that briefly creates an ‘armor’ with a ‘ribcage’ that massively boosts your defenses, allowing you to take blows that usually would be impossible. Susanoo Ribcage only lasts 2-3 seconds and you must hold down right-click to use it for those 2-3 seconds rather than just clicking right-click once.

      If this doesn’t explain how to use these techniques then please elaborate on what you mean by not knowing how.

  24. the susanoo don’t apperas if you are using yearsC

  25. kev_spyro says:

    Yey! thx for the Quickfix Jin!
    I really like the new Mind System!
    Also I’m REALLY hyped if there EVER is gonna be a 100k stat limit :3

  26. kev_spyro says:

    Yay! thanks for the Quickfix Jin!
    I really like the new Mind System!
    Also I’m really hyped if there ever is gonna be a 100k stat limit :3

  27. Thank you jin for your work please continue the work for the mods i play mod packs but when i do i try my best to download each mod in the pack from the respective sites and such even if there is a modpack download I hope i can say we all wish to help you and if you work with us we can make mod addons that may be inspiration to the development of the core mods. For example npc’s with tails they currently just have straight ones but they can be modeled like the players tail whether it be Arcosian or saiyan we could help with stuff like that with the some of us (currently no t me sadly) that actually know how to code like this.

  28. Ken says:

    Yo Jin, Maybe if you can find time to fit it in. In the next update can you add the group system to Naruto C so players can beat missions as a squad. And can you also add in side missions (Tip: You shouldn’t move onto the shippuden half of the Naruto C story until you’ve completed the Dragon Block C saga). One more thing can you add the kaioken aura to the inner eight gates and can you also add an aura around the Susanoo ribcage along with making the hyuuga’s kaiten more transparent.

  29. Epsolon says:

    I appreciate what did for the mind system but can u please remove the Mystic/Potential Unleash level down thing. I just got mystic after 3 days of training on the server and in the end i didn’t have the requirements to lvl up Mystic so i lost Mystic Form 30 minutes after.

  30. Assasingus14 says:

    Hey Jin, I’d suggest you ask the modpacks to move to curse/twitch launcher as it apparently supports the mod creator more than Technic does

  31. hey jin sorry for asking this but a multiform ability would be cool for dbc

  32. Kreeds says:

    Damn Jin. Update is good. I really like it. But this stuff with Mind is made the game is too INSAAAANE. You need goddamn mind every time u want to upgrade. C’mon just remove this thing. It doesn’t make any sense

    • Mitohan says:

      Actually it makes complete sense if you think about it

    • TheLeinhart says:

      I think it would be better to have the mind points removed and instead set as an attribute requirement such as, fly would take say 50 mind to level up. Therefore your mind attribute would have to be at 50 in order to level it up versus having to have “mind points” to spend. Then say the next level of fly would have you raise your mind attribute to 55 or 60 as a hard setting rather than it being a point system.

  33. Assasingus14 says:

    Hey Jin I suggest you ask the modpacks to move to Curse/Twitch, as it lets you have many instances and also better credits the mod developers, since it downloads the mods from them, so giving them the downloads

  34. hello jin, I come to give you ideas of things that YOU MAY put in your mod, an idea is the integration of Zen-kais of zayayins, another thing is that the transformations are not improved with points, but with the use, as the system of skyrim, so you could have a greater sense of progress, another idea is the integration of the race android or robot, also some other race that is the same as the race of majin buu or cell, another idea is the integration of assimilation with the namekianos as a piccolo with neil that would give a special touch to that race, another idea is to give them regeneration, a separate idea is to add the dragon ball super saga and add the gods and the planet of bills and wiss and they can teach you or give you the state of god and thus get the super sayayain blue and others, another idea is a new training world that has (this is an example) 1000 of gravity

    • kev_spyro says:

      Felipe Beltran that is all already planned or has been at least said as an idea in the DevBlog and also you can have the gravitychange block with which you can get the gravitation to 1k and about the Zenkai boost: probably wont happen because saiyans would be TOO op which they already almost are
      so yeah xD

  35. FlamesWrath says:

    “another thing is that the transformations are not improved with points, but with the use, as the system of skyrim, so you could have a greater sense of progress”

    Skyrim=/=Sense of progression. Jin shouldn’t take any ideas of level progress from Skyrim.

  36. TheLeinhart says:

    Not sure what others think of the way BP works but in my opinion it should be done again. The “accurate” normal system has me being at a bp of 50k with 1,000 in all attributes while the Fbp shows me in the billions. I just think it’s pretty drastic. I know the fbp is more of a, look at me im a super high level person yaaay….which just doesn’t go for me while the normal is just underwhelming in bp level. Yes I know it’s more a show thing but it should also reflect the amount of work you put in to achieve higher levels. If I have 1,000 points in all my attributes I should theoretically have a bp of 6 mil, not 50k in the normal bp selection. Kinda ridiculous to be a SS3 with a bp of 67,000.

  37. Just curious… but how goes the progress on g3 hairs? I kind of would like to be able to have custom ssj3 hairs for characters like vegeta or gohan.

  38. frankmax12 says:

    8 gates are broken dont increase dmg when active

  39. frankmax12 says:

    How do you copy jutsu with the sharingan

  40. frankmax12 says:

    I figured it out it has to be a custom jutsu and you look at your opponent with sharingan then look away on the left side of your screen their will be a hand seal code and until you disable your sharingan you can use that jutsu

  41. frankmax12 says:

    Also a suggestion for byakugan and sharingan if you kill a hyuga or uchiha they drop an eye only one and you can right click it and a gui will open allowing you to select which eye you want it in however their will be drawbacks since your not an uchiha you can’t disable sharingan and it consumes double the chakra also with only one eye no susanoo the only abilities are the speed boost and ability to copy jutsu until mangekyo is added

  42. Ken says:

    Hey Jin when you have the time can you also add Naruto hairs into the mod

  43. Ken says:

    Can you also make chakra points visible in multiplayer For the hyuuga.
    And can you make the sharingan’s copying ability less laggy

  44. kev_spyro says:

    can you please make the 100k attribute limit a thing? :3

  45. Mitohan says:

    I think I speak for everyone here,
    as much as we love limit breaker can we NOT add the form till at least next year when naruto c gets more content and the other races get some cool stuff with some new features hopefully?

  46. inb4 people start asking for the new form of goku.

  47. Mitohan says:

    inb4 Christian goes on a childlike fit for not seeing a new form

  48. Divinz says:

    Yo sorry for asking this,but is there somehow to change in vonfig file jingamesDBC from name godform to replace name ssjwhite form?

  49. DEEZNUTZ says:

    Yo just seen gokus new form “ultra instinct” or “limit breaker” and holy fuck that transformation is spot on beautiful! It’s very original, and it’s not a super saiyan transformation. And it rivals the power of the gods. Legit just fell in love with that transformation, shame it ran out for goku so quickly but he’ll master it in a few episodes time and will fuck Jiren up hahaha. Cannot wait till ultra instict is implemented to Dbc!

    • not for a long, long time.
      not before (all these are highly-requested features being requested since forever)
      super saiyan 4
      g3 hairs (which jin said he is working on)
      majin race
      bio android race
      story content up to the end of z.
      movie story content.
      android conversion
      bug fixes
      more ki attack.

      and even then, if ultra instinct is to even be a thing to play as, it would HAVE to require godly ki and insane training to attain.
      there is literally a mountain of work for jin to do before *ANYTHING* ultra instinct related to be even considered. we were lucky when we got god ki, golden forms, and super saiyan blue before anything listed above. i don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but jin has enough of a workload on him *AS IS.* he is already staying up late at night for updates. the most we can do with him is try to control ourselves and be happy any work is getting done *AT ALL.*

  50. when they can add the new transformation of Son Goku limit form for Dragon Block C would be very guai see the transformation

  51. the mystic form (who is always downgrading himself) has a mind upgrade cost

  52. Divinz says:

    i’m asking again
    Can it change on config file dragonblockc from ssjg form to ssjw or ssjgw form (w-White) like Xicor?

  53. Hey Jin , Please add SSJ limit break please!!

  54. Ola jin, I wanted you to add ssj silver eyes or limit break (as you prefer) and that you did not put this thing that needs 11 mnd for each skill or lvl of skill and in case the maximum of atributus to be 50k 500 of mnd for each skill, this spoiled the game a little, especially some servers, so please take it, I beg you !!!

  55. FlamesWrath says:

    Can people please just stop with the limit breaker requests?

    Jin’s probably already considered adding it. Hell I wouldn’t be suprised if he’s already working on it.

    Give it time people.

    • the cycle repeats itself.
      new concept or form introduced.
      BAM. forums become an echo chamber of people asking for the same things over and over until they are added, long after jin says he will add them.
      it happened with lssj,
      it continues to happen with ssj4
      my first thought when seeing the new form is “boy… jins site is gonna be an echo chamber, isn’t it?”
      sure enough, it is.

  56. jplion123 says:

    Take your time Jin, don’t rush. Also, It’s not called “SSJ Silver Eyes” or “Limit Breaker”, it’s also not a transformation, it’s a technique called Ultra Instinct that can be used by all races.

  57. Divinz says:

    can please someone answer about my question?

  58. kev_spyro says:

    Jin i just noticed, you once made an update in which you added a feature where the aura get’s bigger when you transform and i loved that. could you maybe make a readd update where you add it back and when the spirit attribute is upgraded the aura get’s bigger like the minecraft body does when you upgrade constitution. i really really loved that feature xD

  59. Mitohan says:

    Jin should just ban the words “ssj4” “ssj silver” “limit breaker” and “ultra instinct” until the forms are added eventually, it would sort out spam (somewhat)

  60. dude says:

    ultra instinct is a state not a technique its what wish is talking about in battle of gods

    Vegeta: so your body moves without you having to think ?

    whis: correct

  61. angelito88 says:

    Oi jin please lower the default mind requirement for the skills it’s too OP 200 mind for 1 skill or upgrade is too much… ;-; I cri

  62. hey jin, no naruto c voce, added naruto bijuu mode, teiseigan mode, and also new genki kekei like, rinnegan, teiseigan, mangekyou sharingan, and also rikuddou Sennin mode and sennin mode . pleaseeeee

  63. hey jin would you MIND creating a ki attack that is like a ki shield or ki barrier that boosts incredible the dex for like 10 seconds but you need to hold the button for it to keep active and if you attack the barrier goes down? it would be really cool to see this in dbc

  64. Ren11 says:

    Add custom skills, custom forms and new dragon ball wishes shenlong and zarama.

  65. Ren11 says:

    add a custom wishe for the player´s option

  66. Tyler Smith says:

    Have parents stopped teaching manners?

  67. Lord Frieza says:

    Jin please ass super saiyan ultra instinct silver cuz I want to be op and kill everyone oh and add this add that and a little bit of this
    P.s. add more stuff lol idfc about ur life hahaha xD

    • Lord Frieza says:

      And that’s how I mostly see people on this site -_-
      Anyways, Jin keep up the good work and don’t overdo it or I might come to your house and… Idk… Give you a pillow?

      • yah it’s why i dislike jins fanbase as a whole. i only come on to check if jin has any kind of updates.
        and yeah, as much as id like to see updates on the mod as much as the next guy.
        jin has the right to also get his sleep in before any updates.
        last thing i want is to see a man driven to insomnia for a mod.

        • I like jin fine. he’s actually a really cool guy who works WAY too hard for a mod community that is largely made up of ungrateful brats that don’t know the meaning of patience. yet i use the site like everyone else because i would like to know how it is progressing.

  68. Skeptical says:

    Am I the only person whose Explosions from Ki attacks don’t inflict any damage to the environment? If not, can I fix it anyhow?

  69. Rian Adolfo says:

    JinRyuu about the Naruto mission system, you could put a standard biome for the mission, why? because it’s really hard to keep looking for the biomes that the missions send all the time !!

  70. Airswift101 says:

    I prefer NarutoC updates for now because there are so much fun potential things not even given attention to (tailed beasts better susanoo byakugan that makes you spectator and can travel for 100 blocks better jutsu example rasengan is a energy ball in your hands that when you click something or someone it explodes) so much more like 8 gates (the better version) sand manipulation
    6 Paths Welp that’s all I can think about but there are tons more other features

  71. hey jin,i am one idea!And if u add one config to enable/desable the mind sistem,i know,it will be mind weak,but if u add instant transmission u can make it:1 mind=more 1 block to use whit instant transmission.PLSSSSSSSSSS(i am brazillian,so i not speak very english)

  72. mreman says:

    So what’s everyone been doin’ lately???

  73. dude says:

    working on a bodyspot repair service

  74. lickutung34 says:

    Hey jin, you remember a while ago when you said you had plans for at least 2 new races, you know the bio-android and majin race. I was wondering if you still had plans for that

  75. Arthur says:

    Jin, please, please, please correct the bugs on Naruto C config, please, i edited the eighth gate do the multiplier be 9000, then when i was going to test it, the damage on menu is ok, but when i hit, its the same as default eight gates multiplier, and eight gates is not the only, the multiplier of full released human form is the same as kekkei genkais, but it happens the same thing that happens with eight gates, please Jin, correct it, i would be very, very, very grateful if you do that!!!

  76. Mitohan says:

    I hope Jin implements my next idea I’ve been saving,

    How about a time ring? But instead of creating timelines, it sends the user into a pocket dimension as a 16x16x16 “room” for storage and shit, let’s be real, our homes always gets abandoned in the end but a time ring will let you bring things with you.

    I know people will complain about combat running so I was thinking that when the ring is used and you return home, the ring will have a cool down of 10 minutes (configurable)

    I really want this idea in.
    Not really sure how I’m gonna make this not sound like “I want it now” but this is as polite as I can go at 4 am sorry lol

    • Mitohan says:

      And as I always do with my ideas, this can be easily ported to naruto c as a kamui technique rather than a time ring. Gotta help out naruto too lol.

      (MAYBE sending mobs into time ring / kamui too)

      Doubt this will even get read since the next update is around the corner

  77. KoolaidMan says:

    That is essentially just the personal pocket dimension in dimensional doors @Mitohan

    And I could care less for the Buu race although I still kind of want it implemented but I really want a Android based update soon like Bio-Androids race and/or androidification.

    • Mitohan says:

      It isn’t really dimensional doors because you aren’t walking through a door, otherwise flying is just the flying mod or ki blasts is just tnt +

      Basically because it exists it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be implemented. And servers wouldn’t add dimensional doors anyway, I do see the similarities tho

  78. Ren11 says:

    please add a map of the space of the planets of both Earth and planet vegeta or namek and to reach it can simply climb higher in the overworld or the other planets, also please add a book with the recipes of armor and other items.
    Ps: Add mobs to merge, potara earrings and upper instinct.

  79. Ren11 says:

    add the time machine and custom clothes and weapons. thanks for listening have a good day.

  80. KoolaidMan says:

    I can name 2 servers that use Dimensional Doors actually, Dragon Block GT, and Fury Gaming

  81. Mitohan says:

    Welp seems like nobody wants a good possible feature then, k

  82. DEEZNUTZ says:

    Jin you should add the ability to have different body types, like either the regular muscular ones we always get or the super skinny universe 6 saiyans.

  83. I generally don’t mind if someone says the same thing as me, I was joking lol

  84. Ken says:

    Hey, all I want to say is don’t get your hopes up because this update is clearly going to mostly be Naruto C of course seeing that Jin actually said that this “is going to be a Naruto C season”

  85. Hey Jin I’m here because I want to ask you to add the saga of the golden freeza and goku black saga so that the mod is not outdated in relation to the series.
               thanks for reading

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