Update – 17w12

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This update is mainly for fixing some issues but still adding a few new stuff.
Well I didn’t sleep much the past days so I couldn’t test them attentively.
And because I want to release it already, there might be bugs left. So I will await the bug reports you encounter, either new or old doesn’t matter.
Mainly NC, SAOC and Family C I’m not sure if they work right.

There is still much to fix but reminding me on some specific problems/issues will make me try to prioritize them more.

Be cool guys


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JRMCore release version 1.2.35
+ FIXED – half saiyan black eye bug
+ FIXED – invulnerability of Natural power type
+ Changed – Speed formula and stat is now shown in percentage with 100% being minecraft speed (for DBC and NC)
+ ADDED – New Command – Ki technique exp giving – Usage: ‘/jrmctexp slot amount [playerName]’. ‘slot’ can go from 1-4, ‘amount’ is max 10 000

JBRA release version 1.6.18
+ Compatibility – to work with newer JRMC

DBC release version 1.4.30
+ ADDED – New outfit – Fusion Dance
+ ADDED – Fusion skill – can now fail if skill is not high enough. lvl 1 skill for both has 36% chance to succesful fusion. lvl 10 for both has 90% chance.
+ ADDED – New Config – “NPC Otherworld Ogre Disable”
+ Changed – Lock-on requires now Skill KiSense
+ FIXED – Minor ki cost issue
+ FIXED – Fusion name issue

NC release version 0.5.19
+ FIXED – attacking while blocking
+ FIXED – very old issue with ranged weapons like kunai and shurikens rendering. (new models are also in plan)

Family C release version 1.2.14
+ ADDED – New Config – Disable & Remove Children – does what it says, changing this to true will remove all children on server and disable further procreation

SAOC release version 0.0.3
+ Compatibility – to work with newer JRMC and JBRA


click here to go to the Download site

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32 Responses to Update – 17w12

  1. It’s cool that we can upgrade our kikohas with a command, THANKS A LOT !

    Don’t get too much into the mod and take care of your health

  2. Thank you!!! I liked the update thank you very much

  3. mreman says:

    Thanks a bunch Jin. I can now finally change my characters eye color finally!

  4. mintrer says:

    Wait… speed formula?
    This is probably gonna be intresting

  5. Navi says:

    Uh, Jin, it looks like as far as I can tell, if you have an HD skin uploaded and try using a custom skin in game, it will keep the head of the custom skin active, it’ll just layer eyes over it, so if you change your skin color too it won’t affect the head at all

  6. Navi says:

    Nevermind, it fixed itself when I switched from Human to Half saiyan

  7. Can be merged with npc or when it will be available

  8. AAA says:

    i have a crash after creating character, any help?

  9. Liam Beech says:

    After updating the mods i can no longer see my hair or change any visuals on my character, help please

  10. Liam Beech says:

    dosent matter its fixed

  11. OMGisGreen says:

    Jin, the group saga system doesn’t work. Please read the forums

  12. some good quality of life fixes, im so conflicted i want dbc updates but i also want naruto c updates grrrr :/ if only jin had a hyperbolic time chamber to up speed 🙂

  13. mreman says:

    I would really want that barrage KI attack type soon. But no rush.

  14. Lord Frieza says:

    Dear Jin,
    Your mods are lit but there is one problem. Why is arcosian PP not customisable? Ki attacks has a command to level up and customise it in config. Why are arcosians left out on one simple thing?
    With love,

  15. NarutoC is crashing. Nothing in logs nor crashlogs.

  16. Arlic bread says:

    download link isn’t working

  17. Jojy says:

    Internal server errors on download page, can’t access any of the mods.

  18. Plagearon says:

    So I’m not the only one having this problem… Damn, I really want to try out the newest update though.

    By the way, sorry I haven’t posted for quite a while, I was doing some other stuff. From the looks of things though, you’ve made a lot of progress on your mods Jin! I can’t wait to try out the latest update!

    PS. Super hyped for the next chapter of your fanfic Crimson! I’m sooo exited to see how everything is concluded! 😀

  19. rodrigo2202 says:

    i just want 3 things to be added rn, the acorsian pp be more than max 2500 :P, the ki barrage atks for blasts, lasers and disks and the Tier3 and 4 hair update with also the ssj4 form with it included but the 2 things i rlly want for now is theese 2 first things i said thanks jin and be good (mic drop XD)

  20. OMGisGreen says:

    Please fix the download link!

  21. ClutchFury says:

    Jin when you choose to use your skin’s headgear as your hair it won’t show the 2nd layer, and if you keep your skins headgear selected and switch to a custom skin then it’ll give you a custom body but keep your head as your skin’s head

  22. Son Gohan says:

    Please enter to become ssj god (red) freely, once you have done the ritual once, enter the skill god form, first ssj god (red) then ssj blue

  23. Son Gohan says:

    Identical to the dragon ball super manga

  24. Plagearon says:

    Download site is working again! Thanks Jin!

  25. Jin, In the future could you make it so when charging your ki or in turbo it causes light to be created like a torch?

  26. Nu'Dist says:

    Awesome stuff Jin! This mod never fails to impress, keep up the awesome work. One of the best mods in Minecraft by far.

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