Ultra Instinct Update – 18w32

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Okay I know, I know. But at least something is released right?
This release should be considered untested!
I tested the functions I added, and changed to an extend.
But that doesn’t mean I didn’t broke other functions, features.
Look at it as a public test release.
I will await the reports about the issues for the update.
At this points I don’t mind bug report comments, but the bug reports forum would be a better place.
Anyway after making this update stable, I will try to concentrate on going through fixing bugs mostly from the bug reports forum as well.

So there is now an experimental Ultra Instinct.
It has a few conditions, and as of now it shouldn’t be that hard to access it, but probably its not going to be very useful.
Conditions to access it: Body below 20%, no 0% release, no status effect Pain, not in Mystic, no Majin, skill godform (lvl2 for saiyans), only useable in base form.
Benefits: 80% chance to not receive any damage at all, and a configurable multiplier.
Conditions and benefits probably will change already in next update, but I can’t tell anything for sure just yet.

A Simple Knock Out System has been also added!
Enabling Friendly Fist from Action Menu wont kill the opponent when the body reaches null, instead the opponent will retain 1 body (HP) and receive a Status Effect KO. The KO-d player won’t be able to move or attack or be damaged by Friendly Fist attacks.
BUT npcs or disabled Friendly Fist Players will be able to damage a KO-d player regardless.
This might cause several abuse possibilities, but this probably should be controlled by servers how they let others abuse it.
For now the KO status effects stays for 30 seconds, later it will be configurable.

For server owners!
As I tried to put up a few warnings, if you intent to use this update for your server, please consider the consequences that in worst case your server might break. This version is like many other previous updates and mostly unconfirmed, unstable ones, they are not stress tested or might not even run at all neither in SP or MP and might require a quick fix update.
So please, stress test every update before putting it on your main server!

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For today I’m going to bed right after the release, and in the next days, as soon as I can I will make a review video and update this post with it.


Update needs public testing!
As long as the update is shown unstable, I advise not to use em!
NarutoC is not compatible with this JRMC update!

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JRMCore release version 1.3.16

  • FIXED – Above Name Tag feature, it should work as it is supposed too! Sorry for the late fix 🙁
  • Compatibility with DBC v1.4.56

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.56

  • FIXED – Char Sheet – the transformation multiplier indicator
  • FIXED – Char Sheet – the incoming damage reduction indicator
  • FIXED – Death in difficulty Insane – stats in Insane mode won’t decrease beyond the minimum starting attributes anymore
  • ADDED – Status Effect Transformation icon – used only while you press the transformation button
  • ADDED – Status Effect Mystic icon – appears when in mystic form
  • ADDED – Status Effect Pain with icon – debuff, will result in slowed movement. Atm Senzu wont cure it and it is used to limit UI access.
  • ADDED – Status Effect Ultra Instinct state with icon
  • ADDED – Status Effect Knocked Out icon – when KOed you won’t be able to move or hit entities
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – similar way to activate it as for Mystic and Kaioken
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – very simple aura
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – conditions to access it – Body below 20%, no 0% release, no status effect Pain, not in Mystic, no Majin, skill godform (lvl2 for saiyans), only useable in base form
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – benefits: 80% chance to not receive any damage at all, and a configurable multiplier
  • ADDED – Heat bar – used as a timer for UI. If full, the player will receive Status Effect Pain
  • ADDED – New Config – Skill Ultra Instinct – Attribute multiplier
  • ADDED – Simple KO System – attacked by Friendly Fist and instead being killed, the attacked player stays at 1 body point, and receives a KO status effect for 30 seconds as of now (later configurable)
  • ADDED – Action Menu – Ultra Instinct enabler as for Mystic and Kaioken
  • ADDED – Action Menu – Friendly Fist enabler – for KO System

JBRA release version 1.6.34

  • ADDED  – Ultra Instinct state  – silver eye color atm for every race until further changes.
click here to go to the Download site
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52 Responses to Ultra Instinct Update – 18w32

  1. slasher says:


  2. Mr_SwagEnder says:


  3. Divinz says:

    Now i can surpass My brother and turn in Super Ultra Instinct

  4. Hirolka says:

    Well we finally got UI, and judging from everything else the update, we also lost everything else the process.

    RIP starting anew from Kami 1 like = 1 prayer

  5. CryoTheMayo says:

    I can load JRMCore and JBRA perfectly fine but DBC causes my game to crash when I load worlds. As such I suggest the error is either DBC specifically or some sort of a conflict between JRMCore and DBC.

  6. Veronica says:

    for some reason the hover interface isnt working anymore, i can’t switch forms, activate kaioken or fusion or anything. nothing changes when i hover and let go of x

  7. JackFrost213 says:

    Where do I go to unlock UI?

  8. leswill says:

    Great update jin i love the new icon for mystic also when going to superform but i got a question in the next update we will can configure the Ui dmg and % life to use it?

  9. neat update! hoping we can config to disable the pain debuff or have it affect things less.

  10. TheDJMuffin says:

    Personally, I love the idea of the “Pain” Status Effect.

  11. Tyler Smith says:

    I have absolutely no issue when playing and love the update I just wanna know who teaches UI lol

  12. Anthony says:

    I have crashes on my server when people join them, even if I generate a new world. The crash report mentions “JRMCore” mainly, so that’s where the issue is.

  13. Brandon E says:

    Is it possible in the next update for u to fix the multiplier configuration for ui. It’s default is 1% to 10000% but it should be from 1% to 100000% like all the other transformations.

  14. Bsharprules says:

    I personally love that you made it so when you are in UI, eating a senzu makes the form end since it brings you out of peril. The Frendly Fist occasionally turns off and I died from a friend because of it, but I digress. This update is awesome Jin! Totally worth the wait

  15. frankmax12 says:

    Anyone else crash on character creation menu

  16. Link1larc says:

    when you load up a new world the game crashes and also when you start anew it crashes also.

  17. Bills_012gr says:

    my game crashes when i am loading a world

  18. DeralTGM says:

    the Ultra Instinct doesn’t work with me

  19. Link1larc says:

    does anyone know how to get ultra instinct?

  20. mathias31 says:

    Idk why but i can’t see my aura while i charge

  21. Link1larc says:

    do you have to buy UI from someone?

  22. whats happens with my minecraft,crashing?fix?

  23. Brandon E says:

    In the next update can the percentage of not being able to take damage in ultra instinct be configurable?

  24. LEBE says:

    I crash shortly after loading a world 🙁

  25. Divinz says:

    ohh well its was just a experiment and there should be mistakes when it come to script right? so just dont get all to angry!! ALRIGHT!!
    because i could wait to surpass My Brother by training in ssj 3 form and than maybe in one month that all i can wait for real fix UI and if anyone understands than…DONT HATE ON JINN AND DONT BE ANGRY AFTER READING THIS ALRIGHT PEOPLE OF EARTH!!
    BTW jinn keep the good work and i want to see and to have in DBC one last form please and that is SUPER SAIYAJIN WRATH that is Real name SSJ RAGE

  26. Tyler Smith says:

    Oh I just experienced what you guys are talking about and crashed when accessing the create a character tab on my new world lol

  27. Bura says:

    For those trying to successfully use the mod after current update.

    First downgrade to the previous June versions for Jbra,Dbc, and Jrmcore

    Then make a world and select your race

    Re update to new versions of mod

    And you’ll be able to play successfully as long as you don’t rebirth or start a new at kami

  28. Bura says:

    The crash issue only occurs when a character does t have a race, as of those moment however I don’t know to how fix it for servers.

  29. on Wednesday I shell release a fix and it will get probably in a playable state.

  30. Link1larc says:

    Honestly I think the only way to get UI is through commands.

  31. Alex Ortiiz says:

    ahora en la mañana probe el mod, lo del crasheo al entrar al mundo esta solucionado, pero cuando voy a crear mi personaje se crashea y aparte que la skin personalizada esta bug, porque en primera persona se ve el puño con las texturas del mod, pero al cambiar de camara tengo mi skin normal de minecraft

  32. dude says:

    I LOVE how half of every one that wanted ui doesnt even read the post to know how and what to do *sigh*

    • Link1larc says:

      it’s not that. it’s the fact that he only put the conditions to activate it. He didn’t tell us where to get it. i went to every NPC and couldn’t find it. I had to just cheat it in.

  33. Brandon E says:

    Okay here are the flaws i found within the ultra instinct update (not tryin to be mean or anything just pointing out the things that need to be fixed)
    -Humans can’t go UI
    -Arcosians and Namekians Eyes don’t change in UI
    -(And this ones just my opinion lol) The eyes should be a slightly darker silver because it looks more white than silver.

  34. Hey, I tried to use UI in half-saiyan, but id doesn’t work, and I have 2 questions:

    – What it means that you need below 20% body or what I need to do to have it?

    – After have the conditions, how can I transform?

  35. Masquerade says:

    We need a fixed version because this one crashes when you must to create your character and automaticlly when you load a new world, also the RAM memory requirement it’s too high in my opinion, we need a fix for it !!!

  36. JackFrost213 says:

    I believe that the config wont currently let you modify the max cap from 100,000. I had it set lower and it still jumps to 100,000. I believe there is a bug preventing the config to change the max cap.

  37. Alex Ortiiz says:

    a alguien le funciona, porque a mi me cuelga el juego cuando creo a mi personaje

  38. JackFrost213 says:

    When I set noFuse timer to 0 it causes my server to crash every time I join

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