Tournament of Power is today!

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Click here to go to my twitch. The stream and tournament start at 3:00 PM EST (4:00 PM CT) Be sure to tell your friends, this has been a long time coming!


See you there!


Teams are:

DBC Super
DBC Fighters

There may be more teams, but there haven’t confirmed they will have enough to participate!

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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6 Responses to Tournament of Power is today!

  1. Hirolka says:

    Huh, I actually forgot this was still a thing.
    I thought it was dead the last time you tried to get it off the ground…

    Anyway, good luck to all the fighters participating.
    You know, if there’s more than one…

  2. AMROWAZZAN says:

    Wait…. these teams is named with some Servers names…
    what about JinGames team?

  3. CryoTheMayo says:

    I had a great time! Thank you Crim and Host-san for the brilliant Battle Royale. I can’t wait for the Tournament tomorrow!.

  4. mintrer says:

    wait there’s gonna be another tournament tomorrow?

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      Today was a series of Battle Royales between the five servers to decide who would go onto the second part.

      Tomorrow at 4 PM Central time is when the people who passed Part 1 will fight in a classic Tournament with a series of 1v1 fights.

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